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About Me: My name is Corin. I'm a senior college student in Portland, OR. I'm taking a Women, Activism, and Social Change class currently because I am interested in gaining equal rights for all people everywhere as I'm sure many others desire to obtain as well. I desire to learn as much as I can from the world I live in and the people I encounter. Even though having a journal on this website is a requirement for class, I believe that I can learn a lot more about what's going on in the world than from what is broadcasted on our limited news stations in the U.S. I wish to better understand how to use my voice and learn that what I have to share with the world is valid enough to be heard loud and clear. Everyone deserves to feel peace and freedom, myself included.

My Passions: The arts, music, theatre/acting, dance, comedy, human rights

My Challenges: I apologize too often, being afraid of my true self, not giving myself enough credit, low confidence (at times)

My Vision for the Future: To learn as much as I can from the world around me and find a cause (or multiple) that I am most interested in to futher pursue making changes in.

My Areas of Expertise: I'm a Liberal Studies student currently. I'm not sure if I can honestly say I obtain "expertise" of any particular topic.

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Welcome Corina, You have joined a community of fearless women & men who strive for gender equality and social change. You will learn a lot so I encourage you to search through the site and get a feel of how our community pulse is linking with others. Best wishes, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely