To all members of the Pakistan Cafe,

I am the managing editor at World Pulse and I come to you today with an exciting opportunity to participate in our upcoming print edition, set to release this summer.

As a trusted member of our community, you are invited to share your thoughts, experiences, perspectives, and feelings about your country in an ongoing group discussion hosted right here on PulseWire. By participating, your voice has the potential to be included in a feature story about the many women changemakers on the ground in Pakistan. Our PulseWire members are vital to helping us shape and guide our editorial coverage, and we look to you to help us learn more about your country.

More about the Story Too often mainstream media presents Pakistan as a hotspot for terrorism and violence, and as one of the worst places to be a woman. We're looking to change this dialogue by featuring the many voices of women on the ground who are working toward a new future. Fatima Bhutto will be anchoring this piece, and we look to you to help round out our coverage. We will be including quotes, profiles, and sidebars of other voices to show the swell of women's activity, the diversity of Pakistan's people, and the true potential of her women.

How to Participate World Pulse editors are always active on PulseWire searching for new content and emerging voices. However, between now and May 13, we'll be paying special attention to the activity in the Pakistan Cafe. To share your voice and perspectives in World Pulse Magazine, please respond to as many of the following questions that spark your interest by creating a new group journal entry.You are also encouraged to start your own topics, share your own personal story, and to make suggestions about organizations, women's groups, and issues to cover in this story. We can't guarantee that responses will make it in, but we will direct our print readers to this group to provide further background and nuance to the discussion. We encourage you all to participate even past the May 13 deadline, and to comment and dialogue with fellow members.

The Questions 1. What is your personal relationship to Pakistan? How long have you lived in your country? What were your early experiences like in your homeland? 2. What do you love most about Pakistan? Is it the landscape? The food? The culture? 3. Do you consider yourself an activist? If so, what form does your activism take? 4. As a woman, do you feel you face special challenges living in Pakistan? If so, what are they? 5. What do you think the international perspective and opinion is of Pakistan? Do you agree with this representation? Why or why not? 6. What do you want the international community to know most about your country and your people? 7. What are your thoughts about Obama's recent foreign policy plans and decisions, especially in regards to Pakistan and the surrounding region? If you had the opportunity to inform US foreign policy—and international foreign policy—what would you advise? 8. We rarely hear about the swell of women's activity in your country, and yet, we know that many women are working tirelessly for a new future. What role are women playing in shaping Pakistan's future? 9. What are some of Pakistan's biggest challenges, and what can the international community—and Pakistan's people—do to help overcome these challenges? 10. Where do you see the most hope—both in terms of making progress against corruption and extremism, but also in terms of changing perceptions of your country around the world? 11. What is your vision for the future of your homeland?

Is There a Deadline for Participating? To make it into the next edition of the print magazine, your responses must make it into this group by Wednesday, May 13 at the very latest. Everyone is encouraged to participate as soon as possible, however, as our editorial coverage takes time to develop, and the best material often comes out of the discussions that emerge among PulseWire members!

Invite Your Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Networks Please pass the word along to anyone in your network! This is a fabulous opportunity for women (and men!) from Pakistan to shape international coverage of one of the most frequently misunderstood and misrepresented countries. The more responses we receive, the better the piece will be!

A Note About Safety, Privacy, and Anonymity World Pulse recognizes that it is not always safe or possible for women and men to comment in public forums. We will never publish anything you write on PulseWire in any of our editorial outlets without first checking with you personally. You are welcome to participate in this discussion even if you do not want your words to be used in the story. We also encourage members to use pseudonyms, pen names, or to write on the condition of anonymity, if they have concerns about safety.

I am available to answer any questions you may have. If you wish to respond to me privately, please email me at

I look forward to seeing what develops— you truly are the Pulse of World Pulse!

In solidarity,

Corine Milano Managing Editor World Pulse

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Hey Corine,

I had read about the plan for the summer edition on one of the blogs (Love Life) a few days back as well and have to say, cant wait to see how the edition shapes up! One question though. Can we contribute articles on issues important or relevant to us as Pakistanis or will World Pulse only be focusing on journal entries related to the topics mentioned above and recommendations given - about which issues to cover?

Warm Regards,

Tanya Daud


Thank so much for your comment. Absolutely, please contribute anything that you feel is relevant to our coverage of Pakistan. We will be reviewing all entries and considering everything and anything! Completed articles will be a wonderful edition to the group, and have the potential to be excerpted in the magazine or run in full on the Featured Articles page on the web.

Thanks so much Tanya. I look forward to reading your submissions. And please do pass the word on to your networks!

All the best, Corine