Kenyan Women Come Together to Take Back Their Country

Corine Milano
Posted February 15, 2008 from United States

World Pulse has just released a special edition of our e-magazine, dedicated to the women of Kenya and their response to the current crisis.

Take a look!

We've got some great features this edition! An article from Dr. Karambu Ringera, a candidate for parliament in the December election and a peace activist; video footage of women on the ground; and a fabulous piece from Leila, a 12-year-old girl in Kenya, the daughter of our very own some great ways you can take action to support those affected by the crisis!

The video footage also includes an interview with Auma (Leah Okeyo).

Please take a look and let us know what you think by commenting in this thread.


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  • Auma
    Feb 18, 2008
    Feb 18, 2008

    The US Secretary of state,Condoleezza Rice,was briefly in Kenya today.I saw the presence of the United States in Kenya.We felt the presence of the world to share our sorrows,and to help us come out with a solution that would bring back Kenya to the peace and glory that it used to flourish in. The Government side,though,said they would not be pressured by outside forces to accept what is not within the Kenyan constitution. Dr.Rice was in one voice with Hon.Koffi Annan's appeal for power sharing that would allow a real coalition. In this side of my country,this call is what the majority is yearning for.The lines are hard,but the will of Kenyans,who are the voters of the opposing parties,must be put first. The situation is still tense.No ethnic group will prove innocence,in the skirmishes that has left many homeless.Virtually,all tribes have been affected. Charity Organizations cannot handle the evacuees efficiently any more.They are overwhelmed.I am appealing to any well wishers to give us a hand to help out in this very painful,sad state,caused by the legal act of democracy. I am especially touched by the condition of the babies on transit,and would appeal for contribution of pampers,warm clothes and drinking water for them.We are in a rainy season,the children are cold and many have sores caused by nappy rash,inflicting more pain to the already existing poor state. For any well wishers, mailing address can be obtained from PulseWire.


  • Jennifer Ruwart
    Oct 05, 2008
    Oct 05, 2008

    Cori and Leah,

    This note of admiration and support for Dr. Ringera's work was sent to the main PulseWire mailbox a while back, but her words are a timely today as they were in May.

    Karumbu's story touch my heart and should touch the heart of every person who reads it and can only begin to imagine the challenges to peace in Kenya. Having met her and knowing what an amazing person she is, she is a world leader of peace like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu only she is a woman and is speaking loudly for women and children the underrepresented and often forgotten ones who are most victimized by violence and oppression. God bless her for her amazing work in supporting women to bring them whatever peace they can find in their most challenging circumstances and to support each other because it is in these circles of peace that Kenyans will find answers and others will be motivated to help them do so. Kathryn