My daughter had just gone to sleep beside me and I just took a breath of fresh air. Not through my mouth but in my soul. As well, not because she had finally went to bed, but because, for my daughter it was time to stop adn time to sleep and for her body to rejuvinate. And primarily because I am able to take this time that she has gone to sleep and actually think about or look into some things that I have been craving; satisfying that quest towards knowledge of my personal interests and motivate those interests while doing is winter break from studying. Lovely. Though don't get me wrong. I love educating myself, but how nice to not have my thoughts distracted and have much more time to dedicate undivided attention to my daughter. One of my last papers before break for one of my classes blessed me: majority of my research came from a book I had ordered and had really been wanting to read. In addition to the research I found for my topic, a light came on in regards to one of my life questions: HOW CAN I HELP? (As well, I have not been able to stop thinking about it and it has triggered some much clarity).... Why is it that the motherland of creation (as I believe) has the deepest pit of poverty (definitely not trying to disregard all other poverty within my own town and everywhere else around the world)? And why is it getting worse. When I would ask myself, "HOW CAN I HELP?", I believe that I would often vision things on a larger scheme and what seemed to look as though the future. Well the future, even next month is too late so those kind of time-oriented plans do not work. As well, I have confirmed -from others' inspiration- that in order to truly help, the answers of how to help need to come directly from the people that need help. As well, no longer do I want to help through blind donations and have money get into the hands of corrupt people and me never knowing. LET'S EDUCATE OURSELVES AND OTHERS....ANYONE READING THIS, EDUCATE ME: what's been cycling your head today, this week, this month, year? Share the knowledge, give the love, KNOW, give thanks and shall education for anyone never be limited. Im sorry if the above was a lot of rambling. As well, my apologies for the following abrupt ending. But I must attend to some things now....I will be back.... thank you and hopefully I can hear some stories that Have been in some minds lately; please?
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i am sorry i sent this post through my mums site.but this is my own site.

have a dream that i want to fulfill but i have'nt yet.I am still looking for sponsors and those who can help me fulfill my dreams.As it reaches morning we encounter more and more problems.cases of rape are most.Girls are sexually abused by men and even close relatives.We need to stop this by working together.Education is very sparse in our area,especially in rural areas.A school can help a great deal.I have collected ideas from various points,and i thought of having a vegetable farm by the school compound.The school is to be built in a rural area.We have a piece of land by the lake at Sori.We thought of Sori because it is a very big area with a dense population,but unfortunately with about five schools and three hospitals.We want the school to be boarding so that the girls wo'nt encounter problems getting out of school every day.If anyone has an idea or can help us by sponsoring us,you can write to us or call(+254-34724057). YOU CAN HELP START SMALL,JUST A SMALL CONTRIBUTION CHANGES LIVES. Love, Leila