2) What brought you to World Pulse? And what has been your experience on Pulse

Posted April 15, 2010 from United States
It had been a while since I'd looked in the magazine section at a bookstore, but the day that I was curious was the day my curiosity was fulfilled: everything in the World Pulse magazine was not only informing of life around the world, but motivating and sincere. With saying that, I could feel that whomever put everything together wanted not to speak at the readers or only inform them, but trigger a movement. I then found the website. Though I am not able to visit Pulse Wire as often as I would like or as long as I would like, it's amazing to say that I am able to speak with other women and read stories and feel cleansed and further motivated to do something, just by visiting Pulse Wire. To conclude, my experience on Pulse Wire has been clarity to my conscience and a constant reminder to have faith that the most simple things can create miracles in all forms; that communication is essential.

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