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When Spaniadars arrived to these lands, they arrived anxious to take for them all the gold there was in these lands. Knowing that, inhabitants living around Titikaka Lake threw all the gold to the lake. From time to time, it is said that pieces of gold can be seen shining in the lake. Pachamama, our mother land, keeps a lot of treasures and wisdom from which we can learn everyday.

Today April 22, the world is speaking about the earth day, so, I think it is a good opportunity to think about what we are doing wrong to damage her, although she gives us abundance in many aspects.

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Cristina, I couldn't agree more about the urgent need to care more deeply and more consciously for the earth. I really appreciated hearing about that as it relates to Bolivia. Thank you, Jocelyn

Jocelyn, Yesterday, a lot of media and people covered the topic of the earth. This has been important in order to realize about future risks for humanity in general.

Kind regards, Cristina

Christina, I look forward to reading your journal and getting to know you more. I have been reading stories about North American native legends and stories and have a growing sense of our earths bounty, power, and need for protection. I hear your voice connected to the earth's ways.