Called Ayo, Ayobami Olusola Famurewa, is a young Nigerian living in Ife. Born in Lagos, her first words were pronounced in Yoruba, her mother language. Other tool, English, is her link to communicate with people from other cultures.

Reading and writing a lot form part of her training as a journalist. Although access to information may be challenging, she is decided to break the silence since journalism , “is becoming more and more important as a powerful medium”. Highly motivated to be also a writer she has started by writing fiction. “One day, I will write something important”, she adds. Inspired by the strenght inherited from her mother and the support of her family, she thinks that women´s contributions are key for the development of her country.

She would like to be remembered, “as someone who lived everyday purposefully and was a channel for God to express love in the world”. With these words, ends this interview to Ayobami, a young, eloquent and empowered Pulse Wire Correspondent.

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Cristina, I found it interesting that Ayo stated that “One day, I will write something important” as here on PulseWire, each of her posts have been an insightful commentary on life in Nigeria. Thank you for providing a broader profile of this young inspiring correspondent who is already leading a purposeful life.

By the way, I heard that you are one of BlogHer's International Activist Scholarship winners. What wonderful news and congratulations from everyone here at World Pulse.


It has been important for me to work with Ayo in this activity. She is a young emerging voice that has a lot to share with us. Thank you very much for your comment.

Kind regards, Cristina