Hello All!

I've finally been given my Peace Corps assignment after over a year of the application process and waiting! I leave for Cameroon as a secondary science teacher on June 2, 2010. I have no idea what part of the country I will be in but have heard that Cameroon is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Africa and has regions of desert, mountains, rain forest, and savanna.

Right now I'm ridding myself of all my lingering material possessions and am so excited to have my life packed into the three pieces of baggage I can take with me!


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We are all so happy for you and know that you will go on to make a positive difference in many lives. Best wishes and please keep us posted on your journey. Janice World Pulse

Hey Crystal, you would love Cameroon and its warm people. Hope you are sent to the south west region so that you can experience life under Mount Cameroon, the tallest mountain in west Africa and the beauiful beaches of Limbe. Edithlum


Best of luck. We all are with you.

You know so many times I have wanted to do away with my things. I was quite happy to read u have done so. 3 bags I wonder how many can I fit in :) I am so sentimental about my things.



Congrats on your post, you are in for a wonderful, albeit bumpy ride. If you ever want to come up north to Mali and need a fellow PCV friend, i'll be up there for another year. I've heard wonderful things about Cameroon-- live it up!