In a follow-up to my post titled “Feedback Requested for Book Proposal”, I am writing to let you know that I have entered Phase II of the proposal, in preparation for pitching the book to publishers.

Phase II is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the proposal, as it requires compiling a comprehensive GLOBAL list of strong, empowered, activist women (who also have a flare and love for fashion!). With your support, I know that I will find these awesome women to be featured in the book!

I ask that you take a look at the country list (see below) and if you know a woman (or two!) who fits the above mentioned profile, that you consider sponsoring her for this project.

Once I have a short biography on each woman, I will begin compiling questions unique to her story/experience. It is my hope that I will be able to find a photographer in every country/city that will support this project by doing a photoshoot with each woman. Depending on whether or not the woman speaks English, I will arrange for translation of the interview questions.

Please keep in mind that I am interested in featuring women of all different ages, races, and sexual orientations. When you send in a woman’s profile, please follow this format:

Name, Age, Occupation, City, Country (attach a short biography and contact information)

Country List: Afghanistan Argentina Australia Bangladesh Bolivia Botswana Brazil Cambodia Cameroon China Colombia Costa Rica Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt France Ghana India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Kenya Mexico Morocco Mozambique Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan Palestine Peru Philippines Portugal Rwanda Sierra Leone Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Zambia Zimbabwe

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Her name is Yemisi Ransome Kuti

tel: +2348034796881

occupation: consultant/activist

city: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Age: early sixties

Background.Yemisi is from a family with a long history of engaging in activist activities, her first cousin was the late musician/activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, her other cousin was a Minister of Health and yet another a popular activist Beko Ransome-Kuti. Yemisi was the Executive-Director at Nigeria Network of Ngo's. She is a consultant for World Bank and she has also helped in implementing development projects for some states as well as Federal Govt Agencies. She is very fashionable as well.

Hi Efe!

Thank you so much for this contact. I have been reading about Yemisi and she sounds interesting indeed (and comes from quite an accomplished and forward-thinking family!). In fact, I have a good friend in Lagos who is also a photographer. Perhaps I can get him to do a photo shoot with her :)

Do you know Yemisi personally? Have you told her anything about this project?

Let me know!



I volunteered for Nigeria Network of Ngo's as a state coordinator while she was ED. I also interviewd her for the newspaper i work for.I am sure your photographer friend will find her a delight.I havent been in touch with her for a while though but i consider her as an "aunty" (its an African thing)

Thanks for responding, Efe! I have already spoken to my photographer friend and will get in touch with Yemisi this week to propose the idea to her. I will keep you updated on what I hear from her.



P.S. Is your real first name Efe? I would like to let her know who recommended her.


This is wonderful as I don't yet have any women from Egypt, Zambia, or Holland.

Please, would you tell me some more about each women and why you think they would make a great addition to the book?

Also, you did not provide me with their contact information. If you would like to do so privately, please write to me via e-mail.

I am really looking forward to learning more about Sarah, Mariham, and Nesrine!!

All the best,


Hi Kizzie,

I noticed that you responded to one of my other posts today, and would like to encourage you to also send me some more information about the women you have recommended for the book.

Things are progressing very well and I would love to keep moving in an upward direction. I will look forward to having more details from you.



Hey there,

Sarah Salem:- she is half Egyptian/half Dutch , but she grew up in Zambia. She studied Sociology,anthropology and psychology at the American University in Cairo. She worked in the field of FC with an NGO here. She wants to study women and Islam at the graduate level. This is her blog

This other one is Nesrine Basheer, 29,Egyptian, she is studying "teaching Arabic as a foreign language", she is also a fellow at the American University in Cairo. She is also involved in theatre work. She was veiled, but she is not anymore.

Nesrine Basheer,

Quite and interesting program you have there. I don't know how it skipped me. I am interested in Fashion too though i have not really focused in to it. As a youth i used to come up with my own designs for clothes and hair do but i can't sew.

Anyway i posted this article in my journal - DRESSING FOR PROTECTION AND AS PREVENTIVE MEASURES and Janice thought you might be interested in the story line. That's how i got to know of your program. I wish you all the best,

Warm Regards Cecile

Hi Cecile,

What an interesting article. Thanks so much for sharing!

Living in Toronto, Canada, where we experience extreme changes in climate over the course of the year, I can definitely understand where you are going with this.

You should look into getting your article published (that is, if you haven't already...).

All the best,


I have just published it here in World Pulse and no where else. So if there is somewhere else u think it can be useful, then go ahead and publish it. I guess that's why Janice informed me about your program.

Warm Regards, Cecile

Hi Cecile,

Although the article itself does not fall in line with the premise of the book I am writing, I definitely appreciate the content and educational factor it presents.

All the best with this article and your writing, in general.



Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your comments. It is really no big deal, i was just inspired to write and share this article with the community and had nothing else in mind.

Kind Regards