Introducing myself and my journal: The Cultural Correspondent

Jacqueline Stein
Posted March 3, 2009 from Canada

About Me: Greetings!

My name is Jackie and I am a young Canadian, born and raised, who has had the good fortune of traveling (and living) around the world and experiencing many enlightening cultural exchanges.

Traveling is one of my greatest passions, and this has allowed me to take away and give back so much to the world that I inhabit...

I graduated in media, technology, and cultural studies and have been pursuing my interests in intercultural communications and human rights research. I am particularly focused on women's and children's issues within Canada and globally.

Aside from the aforementioned, I enjoy interesting conversations and diverse perspectives, cooking, running, writing, dancing, photography, volunteerism, meeting new people, (alas, it continues to play a big part in my life!) :)

My Passions: travel, meeting new people, writing, women's and girls' rights, volunteering, the arts (varying mediums), fashion, photography

My Challenges: Patience! When I want something, I have a tendency toward the "do it now" line of thinking.

My Vision for the Future: Shelters must advertise because women are no longer breaking down their doors; burquas don’t equate with “prisoner” or mini skirts with “whore”; our daughters don’t know the meaning of a catcall – mutual respect and consideration is second-nature to them.

My Areas of Expertise: Cross-Cultural Communications and Studies, Women's Rights, Writing/Reporting and Editing, Alternative Media, Marketing

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  • JaniceW
    Mar 03, 2009
    Mar 03, 2009

    We are so thrilled that you have joined our online community. I love how your exuberance and passion come out in your journal. Here, you can travel virtually and meet the most amazing women who are making connections crossing oceans, continents, and cultural barriers to change the way we live. Stories are being told, movements are being started and laws are being reformed as lives are transformed. You are now a member of this vibrant community and I look forward to reading more about your passions, ideas, concerns and dreams. I know that you will find this to be a positive experience.

    Also, I am so happy that you have joined our Voices of Our Future group and look forward to hearing more from you. Here, your words ring out and bring ideas to life. You can empower others who have been hesitant to speak and show them that together, we can create a future where anything could be possible. So again, welcome and thank you for joining PulseWire. Janice PulseWire Community Director

  • Jacqueline Stein
    Mar 03, 2009
    Mar 03, 2009


    I want to take a minute to thank you for such a warm welcome to the PulseWire community. I think that the 'Voices of Our Future' is a brilliant and long overdue initiative worthy of great attention and energy.

    The wonders of technology have allowed us to connect our voices and our minds across borders in a way that may have seemed improbable before.

    I will look forward to learning and contributing over the next several months, and hope our paths will cross again during this time.

    With admiration from Canada,