In a follow-up to my post titled “Feedback Requested for Book Proposal”, I am writing to let you know that I have entered Phase II of the proposal, in preparation for pitching the book to publishers.

Phase II is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the proposal, as it requires compiling a comprehensive GLOBAL list of strong, empowered, activist women (who also have a flare and love for fashion!). With your support, I know that I will find these awesome women to be featured in the book!

I ask that you take a look at the country list (see below) and if you know a woman (or two!) who fits the above mentioned profile, that you consider sponsoring her for this project.

Once I have a short biography on each woman, I will begin compiling questions unique to her story/experience. It is my hope that I will be able to find a photographer in every country/city that will support this project by doing a photoshoot with each woman. Depending on whether or not the woman speaks English, I will arrange for translation of the interview questions.

Please keep in mind that I am interested in featuring women of all different ages, races, and sexual orientations. When you send in a woman’s profile, please follow this format:

Name, Age, Occupation, City, Country (attach a short biography and contact information)

Country List: Afghanistan Argentina Australia Bangladesh Bolivia Botswana Brazil Cambodia Cameroon China Colombia Costa Rica Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt France Ghana India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Kenya Mexico Morocco Mozambique Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan Palestine Peru Philippines Portugal Rwanda Sierra Leone Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Zambia Zimbabwe

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I don't know anyone in particular in Zimbabwe. But perhaps you can try to send this information to You can Google their website and get their contact details. It can be a starting point for Zimbabwe.

Good luck



This picture was taken yesterday during one of my sports games. Every Wednesday, my friends and I play Ultimate Frisbee as part of a city league. It's a great way to enjoy one another's company and keep in shape!

The Jackie-O sunglasses are a must when the sun is shining as brightly as it was -- thought I would send some of that sunshine in the direction of PulseWire ;)