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About Me

I am devastated by the rising inequalities, wars, climate change, numerous conflicts and all other plagues affecting the world.I stand for peace, unity & equality.I belief that we can still live together despite our different sexes, races, languages, religious backgrounds etc

I am believe women have the power to bring thee change that the world needs.Mothers are a child's first teacher; let us bring up children who are peace makers.let women train children in the way we want the world to look like.By doing this we will be bringing up both men and boys in the light of peace, unity and equality.

I also encourage a plant based diet because of negative effects of animal farms on our environment and our health.

I stand for compassion in our way of living

My Vision

My vision is to create a peace and green village where more people will come together to make the change.


l need every woman to engage in my vision by participating in the "Peace and green village" by being peace teachers to the world.


I am able to do everything that advocates peace and positive change also assisting in encouraging plant based diet.


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