An African child's worldview in a Blog

Dana Gold
Posted June 2, 2010 from United States
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Words jump from the screen in neon green, or rainbow fonts. Words are punctuated with smiley faces, capitalization is optional. Net Buddy Blogs stand stark and bold, a quickly offered snapshot of an African child’s life challenged by HIV/AIDs and poverty.

The video mentors of Infinite Family ( are given an amazing gift in these blogs. Southern African children in orphanages and afterschool programs, typing tender reflections from an IF computer lab. They offer us their sweeping wisdom in the span of four lines.

Life lived without a mother. Life lived in the grips of poverty and deprivation. But life still lived. Lived fully. Lived with hope. Their spotless school uniforms demand that we see them in terms of their intentions for themselves, their intention to succeed.

And they intend BIG things. Pilots, doctors, lawyers. Social workers, actors, writers.

In their blogs they say to the world...I am.

I am this girl here. This girl with the crisply ironed shirt and the completed homework. I am not to be defined by the hunger I experience. I am not to be defined by the virus that runs through my veins. I am who I choose to be.

And I choose life.

I choose a future.

Infinite Family video mentors make choices available to these children. The choice to be able to use their skills and talents and passions to impact their world...their families, their communities, their country.

I believe in these children.

I want you to believe in them, too.

At Infinite Family (, we make it easy. A video mentor spends just 30 minutes a week online with a lonely child. A computer, a webcam and a headset...the tools to change your life...change a child's whole world...and our world, too.

Infinite Family. Infinite Possibilities.

Visit our YouTube Channel ( Today!

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