To be or not to be is a question of your altitude

I ask myself often times, whether this phrase is applicable in our society to day. Our society is filled with corrupt minds and selfishness,. Many are the times we dream of becoming what we dreamt of when we were still young. But due to circumstances our dreams die a natural death. But some time it is the people who are around us who hider our progress and success.

With a high unemployment rate in our country, most young women are taken advantage as they go out there to look for employment. Recently one of my friends narrated to me how a certain uncouth man wanted to take advantage of her. She had no idea that the company she took an application to needed a human resource officer. She just took an application hoping something would come up; just then the manager of the company requested to see her. He then told her that they wanted a human resource officer to start work immediately and they were even about to publish it in the newspaper. Upon hearing this she was excited and was sure to get the position, but unfortunately the Job came with a condition. The manager told her that the job was hers if she accepted going to a lodge with her for a week. And she was told, if you do not accept then, the position would be published in the news papers the other day. Though she really wanted the Job, she could not sell her body for a job and to a stranger. For sure the following day she saw the advent in the paper. Another friend of mine lost her Job because the principal who is a married old man of a school wanted to have an affair with her.

A young girl, now works as a maid, was told by her parents to stop school and become a maid in the city for no apparent reason. She was hoping to become some one in life but because they forced her to stop school, she has lost hope. In today’s society to be depends on whether you know someone to push you through, other wise you are forced to do something against your will.

A lot of young women and girls have given in to the evil suggestion of some selfish people around them. Because they want to be some one in life, others has destroyed their own lives and become victims of HIV and AIDS. Because of the unjust society, most girls and young women dreams are shattered as they can not get a Job because first priority is given to people who agree to their proposals.

To be or not is a choice of your altitude, can only work in a society which is just and respects the rights of other person, unless otherwise.