We were supposed to be there by 10am, it was one call after another. we were black mailed by some big bus conductors who assured us that the bus would start off around 08:00hours. The women in Kabwe gathered at 09:30 hours, singing and waiting for our arrival. Kabwe is a two hour drive from Lusaka. We sat for an hour, the bus was not moving, and people who disguised themselves as passengers started walking out of the big bus one by one, until we remained a handful.

I was escorting a researcher who came from another country to meet a support group of women in Kabwe. Together with other real passengers we tried to pursued the driver to give us our money back but all in vain.

We waited, another hour passed and another hour and the bus was not moving. Finally at 14 hours we decided enough is enough and we got into another bus which started off immediately.

We arrived around 16:00hours, when the women saw us approaching, they stood, sang songs and welcomed us as if they had seen Queen Elizabeth. The feel of their hands as they shock mine, made me realize how organized, cooperative the group was and how they were eager to find a solution to their problems. These women are HIV positive yet they had to wait for over four hours, with no food, outside a house made of mad and thatched roof.

Though we made our apology, these women told us they understood and it was alright. They were thrilled to listen to us and answered our questions with the last energy they had in their bodies. We had just gone there to discuss their sexual reproductive problems, not provide a solution yet they gave their time to us.. The soft touch of their hands to me represented the patience, humility, perseverance and determination to perceive change. The willingness to leave their families, their small business and gather as a group with one common goal was a symbol of wanting to improve their poor lives and make it best for their children and children’s children. Holding hands is a symbol of love but it is also a symbol of hard work, understanding and in the end create change in our lives.

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Dear. I believe in holding hands because it has many meaning. It is also a sign of unite, peace and create change.

With Love and Peace


what a lovely name Pooza, I would love to know what it means. thanks for your inspiring comment. with love and peace Dando

what a lovely name Pooza, I would love to know what it means. thanks for your inspiring comment. with love and peace Dando

Dando, you always draw me in with your posts and as Nusrat said, you summed this up beautifully. I feel so blessed to have joined hands with you all in this journey of love and peace. Best wishes, Janice

its always lovely to read your comments. They come with encouragements and motivation. I am equally blessed to join hands with you. with Love Dando

Dear Dando,

You beautifully capture the patience that women often have when they focus on solutions and care about each other. You also reveal your great gratitude for these women; this is a world we want to live in.



Pooza is the most common name in India and Nepal and i just hate being it so common....i think you are the first one to like it and thank you for doing so. well pooja means worship in nepali and india....

Love pooza

what a nice meaning, you should be proud to have such a lovely name with a lovely meaning. Am sure there is a purpose why your parents gave you that name.


Love Dando