It was a sunny afternoon when I had an opportunity to meet beautiful voices of our future correspondent Martha Tholanah. I was very happy and thrilled to meet her, although we did not have enough time to chat, at least we hugged and did gossip about our pulsewire assignment.

Martha a regional coordinator for southern Africa, Just Associates (JASS), dressed in a nice shirt, with dreaded hair is in the country to look at issues affecting women. Martha and her team started with Malawi and preceded to Zambia, I met Martha and her team at kalingalinga clinic east of Lusaka addressing a support group of people living with HIV and Aids; they discussed issues which included women empowerment, support group and many more.

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Hi Dando,

I just ran across this post and was so happy to hear that you and Martha connected in person in Zambia! Two amazing and courageous women, two beautiful souls, two World Pulse Correspondents coming together - face to face - for such an important cause. I hope that this is just the beginning for connecting in person with fellow correspondents and PulseWire members! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

Love, Jade