Posted November 24, 2009 from Zambia

On 17th to the 14th of November 2009, I was privileged to be among women from different organizations In Zambia. Martha Tholanah from Zimbabwe who is voices of our future correspondent and the Southern Africa Regional Coordinator for Just Associates conducted a workshop. She was accompanied by shamilla facilitator from South Africa.

It was an honor for two world pulse correspondents to be in the same room yet again. The workshop was overwhelming and informative. It was exciting to learn how Martha and the Just associates are working to empower and built movement building for women.

Just Associates (JASS) was formed in 2007 and is a network of justice activists, scholars and popular educators in 13 countries worldwide committed to increasing women’s voices, visibility and collective organizational power to advance a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Although there are a number of organizations working in the area of women’s rights and empowerment in Zambia. Not much has been done hence the need to have one Voice in order to influence the politicians and policy makers so that there is political will in promoting women’s rights. One voice can be obtained by forming a movement building.

The workshop highlighted strategies on how we can as Zambia come up with a women movement. The challenge remains with each one of us as women and organizations working for women to see to it that the movements succeed.

Bravo to Martha, Shamilla and all the women working to empower and speak for the marginalized in society.

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