A lot of blind women are mushrooming on the street in my country every day especially in the capital city.most of these women sleep within the streets and others live in wretched shanty compounds. These women are also are believed to be impregnated on the streets by unknown men while others are married to fellow blind men. In order to make a living and feed their fatherless children, they line up on the streets with their little children and beg for money every day just to have a meal that day. A lot has been said about gender and women (able bodied), a lot of NGOs looking at women and HIV, Women and human rights have been formed!BUT is there any thing been done for a poor blind woman who is always surrounded by darkness and has never seen the face of her own child or the rising and setting of the sun in her entire life ?

My hope is that as we advocate for women empowerment, rights and gender equality, we shall also bear in mind the plight of a BLIND and disabled woman!

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Dando, this is trully an `open eye' article.Iam actively involved in women/girls advocasy and I have never given this area a thought.Yet this women ,if supported can support themselves and their siblings.Street life expose them to an acountable rape ordeal,resulting to unwanted preganancy.without choice,they give birth on the street,feed their little ones with street food,and worse still expose the little one to street life.Most of this children if not all end up to be professional street gangs.How sad and shameful that we cater for more abled class and forget the really needy ones. Thank you Dando,women can move mountains and save the unsaved.Together we will make change.The change we want!

with Love Shiku

Dando, I sympathise and my heart felt goes to these blind women! It is not easy to be blind! We thanked God for us that we are created in good shape and well and we can see the sun raise and sun set. What a mavellous life we have from our creator the God of Love and peace.

That is why we should think of others like if we are in their shoe. I cannot imagine seeing my own child like this. I want to share with you all that I have faced three blinds in my own family. My mother's father who is my late grandfather and also my grandmother who is my mother's father who is still alive at age 98 and we care for her. My grandfather has been blind when he was a man of about 30 years and my grandmother at age 80 years. My aunt since birth till her passing away with a long sickness of breast cancer.

In my country, Vanuatu in the south Pacific we do not have beggers. it will be a disgrace to see your own family becoming a begger as in my society and community we live as family oriented and every family know their own family and it is hard for a member to live and beg on the street as it is a disgrace to the community but we try our best to care for our own diability.

I believe that Human Rights Watch and also NGO community in your country should provide or extend their services further in sovling this situation and have a special project for these blind women and their children and family under the UN programme the MDG.

I wish their families try and help them and also community or Government or city council. Thanks for coming up with this topic and I will come online again if more comments are coming out.

I leave here but my heart goes out there to those blind women.