A follow up on the floods in zambia

Posted March 5, 2010 from Zambia

Some affected flood victims have been relocated by the government to the independence stadium grounds situated north of the capital Lusaka.

More than 100 families were evacuated from their homes which are submerged in water. Most roads are flooded making it impossible for vehicles and pedestrians to pass when going for work. Other innovative youths have resorted to making of small boats transporting some people to the rail on a fee. Those living in an area where the rail passes it has become their path as the roads are filled with dirty water.

The government is working with different government institutions and the Red Cross to ensure that the needs of the flood victims such as food, water and other incentives are meet.

The government has also continued the process of pumping water which is making little progress as the rains have continued.It is imported that our government find a lasting solution to the floods which continue to affect some residents each time we experience heavy rains. There is need for the government to construct drainages and allocate plots in areas less affected with floods.

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