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Isn’t it offending to ask such questions as “Does your woman really need a job?” in view of the fact that already facing the global economic crisis, women face increased difficulties and discrimination while applying for a job, since employers tend to hire more men than women for obvious reasons that existed for years.

Moreover, statements such as “The time has come to build a more sustainable, equitable (sic) and progressive society” while we are still struggling to close the pay gap between men and women (see the graph). This pay gap is not because women, as cynics claim, are more likely to take lower paid jobs, with flexible hours, or because they lack sufficient education to make them fit for high demanding job. Let’s face it, the literacy rates between men and women across the world is converging, particularly in Europe, where the difference sometimes is insignificant (see the excel file attached on literacy rates across 6 randomly chosen European countries).

The explanation for low paid jobs could be explained that women, probably, tend to ask for a pay rise more rarely than men do and that they are more prone to devote more hours while working in their households. Hence, I definetly disagree with all arguments that try to defend higher pay for men on the grounds of effectiveness or "rationality".


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I completely agree with you. I read a book on this called 'Women don't ask' by Linda Babkock and Sara Lashever. It points out that men tend to negotiate more often then women. Women tend to accept unfavorable work situations and often do not realize that they might be able to change things in their favor. Obviously employers will not always respond positively to women asking for a raise or promotion, considering the sexism still very present in our society and work place, but the more women realize that they have options, and could negotiate in their favor, it will change the norm. Thank you!