Dear All,

I'm pleased to confirm the arrival of my own Rafiki letter in the mail! Philice Onyango wrote a lovely letter welcoming me to become her friend through this project. I am eager to reply and let her know "of course"!

It is truly rewarding to be a part of this program. I look forward to communicating more with Philice as well as hearing more about everyone else's experiences.

In Love and Gratitude, Dan (Danielle)

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I am sure such a communication can chance life!

I remember my first American friend and how much impact she had over! Thank to her I speak English better, I am as motivated as her! And this perspectives make me different from my peers, but I don't regret it! Keep the flame!

With best wishes, Victoria

WorldPulse Community Champion

Environment Group


Danielle, I got another Rafiki letter yesterday with that cool Kenya boxing stamp- Julia and Dorcus asked to be friends. I feel the same as you that it's a great experience.

Happy writing