The Internet is a series of networks intertwined connection people with people, and this is the key to achieving goals in the 21st century. Collaborations, and specifically synergy-resulting collaborations is how we can make a difference beyond our local communities and into the world. Fortunate enough to be digitally literate, I was able to find various sources to tackle issues of discrimination based on gender and disabilities.

360 million people don't have a voice today. Stripped of their rights, deafness in its entirety is obscured - even when 50% is preventable. Currently, only 10% of global need of hearing aids are produced, and North Korean children are denied the right to education because of this. In the South, women, especially the deaf, are severely discriminated. How can we affect both children and women in countries that have been at war for six decades?

This is the project Fair Women Fair World that I am working on, and this is how we can make a difference by using networks. Not only did the internet help me find grants to apply to, but also valuable mentors. This project will come to life through a social innovation I invented called "Chain Computing". This social innovation combines right combination of value chains, networks, and resources of public and private organizations in order to create an efficient operating model. Not only does it create synergy, but reduces costs and can focus on the problem at hand. A crude example would be the government bodies collaborating with companies with distribution channels, for necessary products or information instead of manually mailing it one by one to each household.

Though done through manual searches for this project, I can see this method being automated for social enterprises to team up with organization, instead of creating their "company" or "NPO" from scratch every single time, which wastes time, energy, and effort that can be used to make a difference in the world.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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Great job, dankasan123! I'm so glad that the internet has helped you carry out projects and seek out grants to fund programs that help tackle discrimination against gender and disabilities. In doing so, you are provided a much-needed service to many women who feel marginalized. I also think that it's wonderful that you are reaching out to organizations and companies to help realize these projects and establish colloborations with them so as to make it available to as many women as possible.

Thank you for working so hard to start a great organization. I am so proud of you and hope only the best. Please look into grants by the United Nations and Unicef. They will be able to help you.

Kind Regards, Bina Patel hc Mediate, LLC

Thank you so for your encouragement Bina! I am certainly looking for all grants that fit the purpose of this project - do you think you can point me to some grants available from the UN and Unicef?



I always commend those who work to end discrimination against disabled people. Our society sees them as victims and something to be pitied or ignored when in fact thee is a huge amount of potential that is being wasted.

Thank you for your focus on this and your determination to think creatively.

Amy @amyinstl

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