I feel pretty convinced that online resources can make significant in the offline world. I've even formulated ideas, and made this initiative palpable to some degree. Now it's just doing it, and that's why I need help finding the initial capital to kick-off this profit-driven project.

A girl (let's call her Sasha) was saved from being a victim of HIV/AIDS through Solar Ear's project that reduced the rates from 38%-10% in the deaf population in Botswana. Sasha and 9 others then went to Brazil and empowered others, and now serve over 6000 children annually at the DREET Centre in Sao Paulo. That was Sasha's story. Imagine 10 women who are deaf empowered by employment and a profit-driven model, not only changing their lives, but the lives of the North Korean children. In addition, the DREET Centre will be replicated to prevent, educate, and treat hearing loss that's 50% preventable, yet present in 33% of the elderly population. Sasha had her story, and these women deserve their own - the voice of peace for Korea.

What are these empowered women going to do with their voice? They'll pass on the baton. Our mission is to reach everyone, and empower them for a cause. That's why we don't patent our technology. In the next 5-10 years, we are planning to establish a DREET Centre in the Gaesug district of North Korea, and replicate this peace initiative in Israel and Jordan through pre-established Solar Ear offices. Empowering women to make a difference in our world. Creating a fair world with fair women

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Hi there

Thanks very much for sharing your work with us. I agree that online resources and organising can lead to some amazing offline work and empowerment. I was shocked to read that hearing loss in older people is 50% preventable - it sounds like very important work you're doing, and great to see how it is empowering people as well.

Best wishes for your continued work Dani