Mother's Day Gift

Posted May 11, 2009 from Canada

Yay! I received my first letter from my rafiki Rosemary today. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. more than I could have asked for....I am very excited to begin corresponding with her. The wonderful thing, even moreso, is that I also sent in my daughter's name to be matched with another young girl. My daughter Kaya is 5 and she has been matched with Rosemary's daughter Mercy, who is 6. Kaya will be so very excited to begin her letter as well.

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Is it possible to send little packages? I will be sending a letter & photo for now, but in the future I would like to send a little package for Rosemary-is there any restrictions or advice on that? I know that some places that do sponsorship discourage it because others may get upset if someone gets a package and they don't.....or is that not an issue? thanks!!

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  • mamaAfrica
    May 11, 2009
    May 11, 2009

    Hello Darcey and beautiful daughter Kaya. I am rejoicing with you on this mother's day. You are the first mother- daughter rafiki in the Club and am glad the timing was perfect. Am sure Rosemary and daughter Mercy feel honoured to have the chance in kindness to correspond with you.

    The rules of rafiki are that If any rafiki would like to support, they can do so but must send their gift/ support through Project Africa and it shall be delivered intact to the receiving Rafiki. Love is Kind and since the chord binding us in Rafiki is love and compassion, we welcome the virtues of love. so feel welcome to send the package to your rafiki we will also acknowledge hereby when received.

    regards mamaAfrica