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Posted February 15, 2011 from Canada
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The other week, as I was in the midst of a deep January freeze, I felt content to be doing my own thing- you know- the laundry, the dishes, crafts, lunches, storytime, etc, etc. Then I stopped by the mailbox after running errands and I found the new A Common Place magazine which is a publication of the Mennonite Central Committee.

For several years I have known about MCC. It is a relief and development organization which is faith-based. Over the years I have come to respect and highly value the information and the inititatives of this amazing organization. They focus on peace, justice, development, skills, women’s issues, human rights. In short, they continually keep abreast of world issues in a loving, thoughtful manner and get it done.

The last issue contained 4 postcards. One was addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, President Obama, and 2 to give to friends. On the website I found out that MCC has been working in Haiti since 1958, and they have a whole kit on-line informing me how I can become an advocate for the Haitian people. They are relevant, they are resourceful and focused.

I love to be inspired. I am such a glutton for it. It gets me out of bed, it keeps me moving and it keeps me focused on others. Please check it out at

As I said, they are faith-based, which is essential in my life, but I know I would feel quite comfortable without a Christ based perspective at this site. Oh, and they practically invented “fair trade” when they began paying fair wages to others in the developing world almost 70 years ago through Ten Thousand Villages. And, they were instrumental in developing the blue box program in the province where I reside.

Prepare to be inspired!!!

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  • Sharese
    Feb 16, 2011
    Feb 16, 2011

    I love Ten-thousand Villages!

    The website definitely looks awesome- I look forward to perusing through it!!

    I hope you are well, my friend. I think about you often and am always sending love and good vibes your way.

    Much Love and Peace,


  • Darcey
    Feb 16, 2011
    Feb 16, 2011

    Hi Sharese,

    Thank you for the lovely message, and for the lovely Christmas card :) I just rewrote your address into my book yesterday, and it has been on my to-do for a while to write you again. This year has been interesting so far in that I have spent a lot more of my energy focusing on home and a bit more in my own community. It amazes me how my days can be full of just life in general, outside of MotherKind and other passions. I am really enjoying it, and I like finding the rhythym in it and being more in tune with our children, and that being said of course there is still much room for improvement and learning.

    I have missed being on here, but needed a break from everything outside of family for a while. How have you been doing??? Maybe send a note through private, or I will and then we can continue to chat!

    I am glad you checked out the website- there is a blog featured through there called Janna's Journey which I am looking forward to checking out- she is planning on spending a year not buying anything made in China....that shoudl be a good challenge.

    HOpe you are well, and thinking of you as well, love Darcey