Please Hold My Hand

Darr Reilly
Posted May 31, 2010 from United States

Women of the world, I want to put your hand in mine and say all will be fine: environmental degradation will stop, desertification will stop, flooding will stop, warring will stop: you can securely provide for your families. Holding hands, you will feel my love for you.

This is the day I pray for.

For this day to come, there is work/play to do. First, I need to join hands with American sisters and acknowledge our immense power.

The feminine spirit is universal worldwide, yet we American women have something setting us apart. We are responsible for 85% of all U.S. consumer purchases* in a world where we lead in consumption per capita. We have a monumental role in the world arena.

For no matter how well intentioned we are, it is our lifestyle choices, which causes us to be the uber-polluters of the world. While we caretake family and friends, work in the world, contribute to charity, volunteer our time and give micro-loans, we’ve neglected to consider the consequences of our everyday actions.

Unwittingly we aren’t asking the hard questions we should have been asking all along: how is every single thing I buy made, how is it maintained or disposed of, what are the ramifications?

Sadly the lifestyles we have chosen leads directly to climate change, environmental degradation, desertification, sea level rise, flooding, crop failure, contaminated water, obesity, starvation, disease and death.

Our sisters in the developing world and our children are at the mercy of our daily choices.

American sisters, holding hands we feel our power and humbly accept the role we have unwittingly played in creating today’s world challenges. Linked together with our voice, our vote and our pocketbook, we will swiftly re-envision our nurturing ways, change lifestyle, change policies, and change laws to get the job done. Joyfully we will go about caring for all life.

Then we will hold hands with all the women of the world and smile, knowing we have done our best.

American women, please put your hand in mine so we can grow a network to revitalize our ways and our world.

Dorothy Reilly Women’s Initiatives for a Sustainable


Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases…

91% New Homes 66% PCs 92% Vacations 80% Healthcare 65% New Cars 89% Bank Accounts 93% Food 93 % OTC PharmaceuticalsMy Story: Holding Hands

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  • Carri Pence
    Jun 01, 2010
    Jun 01, 2010

    Thanks for placing these important and fatal statistics up. It is important, as you pointed, to recognize that our ignorance is what is causing the largest impact on the world. Though we strive to be as good as we can be the focus needs to be placed on the details, because the details are what is drawing the biggest pictures of our future. With gratitude, I can write that I am happy that you are going to wake some minds up with this post.

  • Darr Reilly
    Jun 01, 2010
    Jun 01, 2010

    I'm so happy to know that someone else out there thinks this is important. Glad you share similar thoughts. I like your use of the word 'details'. That brings attention to where we need to focus. Thanks!

  • Kim Crane
    Jun 16, 2010
    Jun 16, 2010

    Those are some crazy stats. This is a powerful call to action and you got my attention. I think the cultural and lifestyle changes that you are calling for can be the hardest changes to make... which is probably why they'll ultimately make such a huge difference for our planet. I know that living sustainably is something that I struggle with and even struggle to define. There is so much more thinking and talking and listening, and yes, holding hands that needs to happen around these issues. I hope you'll continue to use PulseWire to keep this conversation going. I'd love to hear more of your ideas!

  • Darr Reilly
    Jun 17, 2010
    Jun 17, 2010

    Kim your thoughts mean more than you can know to me. When we come together we can make such a difference as you know. What a great forum World Pulse can be for us all to co-create the emerging world. Thanks for the encouragement to post more!

  • Nancy Eagan
    Sep 21, 2010
    Sep 21, 2010

    Keep the facts and the message coming! How can we use World Pulse to awaken the dreamer of western women's consumption? Recently, a friend described her sister as using shopping to medicate herself. We have to make new choices and we have to look at the dysfunctional shopping that many girls and women are seduced into by the media and by emptiness. Thank you.