Motivation! Lack thereof! That is my challenge to creating change in my community. Lack of focus, drive, goals. What should I work on first? Health care? Education? Energy? Peace? Homelessness… Poverty… Relief… Charity… dis-enfranchisement… Politics… Government… Globalization? What to do first? Gain clarity? Pray… Travel… Dis-engage… Engage… Talk… Write… Organize… raise kids… work… run away? OK OK. First stop eating, smoking, drinking, binging, distract-ing, watching TV, playing music, going to the movies, consuming, wasting. Then, pray. Then pray more. And more. Then get clarity. How do I do that? ASK PEOPLE. Right. How do I do THAT? Ahhhh.

What should I ask?

Ask people what they REALLY think, and know in their heart, about Healthcare, Education, Energy, Peace, Homelessness, Poverty, Relief, Charity, Politics, Government and Globalization. Not multiple choice “pick one of 5” – but actual personal insights.

I would like to use PulseWire to survey people. And to post trends. I have a Marketing background and I have surveyed people as part of my job. Data analysis, cross tabs, statistical variation. These things mean something to me.

I seek to survey people on the everyday issues on people’s minds today. For example …Have you ever thought about Globalization? Have you ever thought about joining an anti globalization action? What type of action have you thought about joining? Have you ever gone to a meeting at a public school? If yes, did you speak at the meeting? What did you say? Have you ever traveled out of your country? Where did you go on your latest trip? What one thing about the people do you remember most from that trip? Have you ever been in the hospital? Did it help you or make you worse? Etc.etc.

I think it will be enlightening to discover what people are thinking and what they know, and to broadcast the results. People have alot of answers.

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Dear Deb, This is very interesting to me and oh! I have been there!!!! It gets very overwhelming doesn't it? knowing just how very much there needs to be done and wondering where on earth we should start. It looks like you have begun to overcome that challenge already by picking the subject you are most passionate and interested in and by beginning to find your place in the puzzle...Using Pulsewire to connect and survey and understand what people are thinking and what they know is a wonderful idea and shows incredible potential. All the best. Tina

Deb, I really like how you point out the dilemma, that I guess most people who want to somehow take action face: Where to begin? What to take on? There are so many problems in this world and so many things one can do to make this world a better place, it's simply overwhelming! I like how you take something you know, something that's close to you in a way, and use it to take action. I think that is a great example for people who don't know where to start: start with something you know, skills you already have, in a field or on a topic that matters to you.

I would love to hear more about your ideas on how to survey people and what you would do with the results, how you would use them to work towards change in your community.


Hi - I can not believe you are in Yerevan! My grandma grew up there - for many years - in the early 1900's and spoke fondly of it. Thank You! for your comments. The world is overwhelming! and eventually I get so bored chasing every idea that I just have to PICK ONE! Worldpulse has been a great way to start because it feels like a low risk way to connect with people about real issues. My intent would be to publish survey results at Worldpulse, and then to use the results to select topics for further investigation and writing. I believe clarity brings change - for those who truly seek change. So my surveys would contribute to the "clarity" part of the equation. I know that's not radical. But I take a long term approach. Thank you, Deb

Wow! What a coincidence! I moved to Yerevan almost six years ago, after spending over four years moving back and forth between Holland and Armenia. I am not Armenian and neither did I move because of love or a partner. I just needed a change of scenery (life in Holland was too predictable) and I felt that in Armenia I could do more of the things that are important to me. Not everything has turned out the way I imagined (but I guess that's life), but six years on, I'm still in Armenia.

You sound almost like you apologize for "not being radical". No need to! I don't think everyone has to be radical. Quite the opposite: if everyone were radical, that wouldn't get much done either and might only antagonize people. More in general, I think that a lot of the activism wouldn't be as effective if it weren't for the people who quietly work and choose not to take the spotlight. Showing issues or trends that might otherwise not get noticed is just as important a part of the whole process is as standing up on the barricades. And you are right: change often requires a long term approach!

I certainly agree with the other posts above—surveying the PulseWire community and posting the results is a great way to spark debate and enact change. But with all of those options out there—you listed the big ones—where will you start? What issues are you most interested in finding solutions for? Are you motivated to help people in your community in the U.S. or people in other countries? The first step, and it’s a big one, is zooming in on our own passion and from there we can work with women across the globe to find solutions. Good luck and I look forward to seeing some of your survey results on PulseWire in the near future! Best, Lydia

Hi - I have a cousin named Lydia and I always think it is a lovely name. Well, to be honest (regarding your comment about finding solutions) in the past I have worked from a place of "Wanting to get things done" , "check off my 'to-do' list" and work from a position of strength and competence. Which was fine then. But what motivates me, and sustains me now, is to bring clarity, i.e. answering the question "what does success look like?" in any given situation. I do not want to necessarily define success, I want the participants of the "situation" to define success. My preferred role is to coach and write about how they defined success and what they decided to do and actually did. I am a reporter by nature - with a keen eye for uncovering the important, universal, aspects of a story so others can learn from it. For me it all boils down to the issue of education, specifically for the purpose of making informed choices. Thank you kindly for your comments. They, like all the comments I received, help me immensely. Deb