My vision of myself is to shed a light – to be a witness. I experience the world through the lens of feelings, tempered with lots of logical thought and focused energy summoned up and brewed to perfection over 2 decades in the business world. Lots of people are like this, although many do not choose to integrate the two worlds. But a vibrant form of expression comes from integrating these two. Like a large Rex Ray canvas of blooming color, some beautiful expressions and stories emerge. (see attachment)

I have an eye for those stories where passion and problem solving intersect. I want to go through life looking for them, and when I find them through my own experience or through others’ tales, I want to shine a light on them @ my WorldPulse blog. Why? Because to me there is beauty in the world of humanity and I am the artist to bring it forward.

I have a burning desire to create written testimony of what is happening to people on planet earth; to bring my own experiences of mental toil, separation, grief and anger to what I see now as an entirely worthy world. As a correspondent I will weave portraits of a universal human spirit that is a tour de force to be reckoned with. The human spirit is a beautiful thing and provides me with daily uplift. Human struggles bring clarity. Clarity brings truth, and truth brings change. It can't help itself. And despite an easy lifestyle in the West, life is not a "happy meal". Instead, all the tests of life make planet earth a place of fierce renewal.


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Can clarity truth and challenge be the foundation to making things better? Is my voice loud enough to be heard? If yes, then with the desire to be heard will ther be others who agree with me? Deb, I understand your desire to be a beacon. There is so much darkness in the world with human rights, reglions fighting and politics, who has the time to be a light? Well...... you, me and a world of others. Continue to shine. Don't forget to SUPERSIZE that. You are already on your way.

Continued Peace,

Shawanna " Let your speech always be your grace"


Thank you for your message. "Supersize that" is right!! We can all be a beacon for someone... all it takes is some consciousness. God willing we will not let dark souls overtake our country and world. Peace, Deb

I love that you address the importance of integrating both passion and logical thought! In order to foster lasting change, we need the drive to do so, coupled with the problem-solving skills you mentioned. I can hear the movement towards the "fierce renewal" you mentioned in your entry. Keep your passion burning strong and we all look forward to your continued contributions to the world!

Best wishes,


Hi Alison - thank you for your comments to my post. I saw in your profile you live in Berkeley. My brother lived in SF for 20 years before moving to southern CA. Wonderful place and Berkeley is special. Well - the potential of human activity is just so awesome the best phrase I could think to describe it is "fierce renewal". Glad we connected. Peace - Deb

Hi Deb. I enjoyed reading this essay and particularly liked the canvas by Rex Ray. Your cultural background comes though with your choice of metaphors. That might make your writing more difficult for people from other cultures. How can you understand a Happy Meal if you have never been to a McDonalds restaurant? I was also interested to read more about you personally and how you would use the role as Correspondent. What brought you to World Pulse? What made you participate in this exercise? What experiences have opened your point of view to see the world with clarity? I look forward to reading more of your essays. You have a lot to offer! Thank you. Warmly, Christine