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Deborah Mpango
Posted August 3, 2012 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

thi is deborah the visionary of the fire ministries for jesus christ in the world i love the ministries of the women but we have the duficult of the work for women organisation in DRC congo .can you help the job of the women in DRC ? the women of DRC suffering because the men every does not give their rights to wives.congolese men does not honor/respect their wives according to the cultures.evry end of the month i do held a seminar to train women and teaching them about their rights at home and at work.other women are under oppression of satanic prisoners,i do make deliverance for them.the whenever i discover their origin of problem they are suffering from i do teach them the wor of God,as it is the first thing which can give peace inside of a person.God have called me to help women,God has given me the burden to carry and proclaim the Name of Jesus christ, as our liberty,he give peace,brings joy and help people to know the truth. since i received him in my life i never worry with anything. and i will continue to proclaim his name, to write this,is to show them that it is only Jesus christ who is the solution of every problem who can undergo in life.i have the program of; -cursing(asking someone the whole story of his life the i do discover where is located his problem) -delivrance;if the person is in under oppression of satan i do arrange for her/him teaching to know first the meanging and important of it. -counseilling;i do show the way to live in their family ,community an d society. Thkx for reading me . soon,on line,,,, also in fire ministries,i have a department of women.called FIRE WOMEN ASSOCIATION. is for women Rights,women and Education,women Empowering,women in politics,women human right defense,woman is the globe,woman is the key development,woman is multiplication,woman is the society.woman is home, women are the first to inform that Jesus arose from the grave....woman is an engine.... much soon,

Deboarh visionary fire ministries

Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

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  • aheraud
    Sep 01, 2012
    Sep 01, 2012

    Deborah, Merci de partager ton vécu avec nous. C'est très bien que tu travailles avec et pour les femmes de ton pays. Peux-tu partager d'autres histoires avec nous de ce qui se passe chez toi? Et tes expériences en travaillant avec les femmes? Bonne continuation! Abby

  • Maggie Dziubek
    Mar 14, 2013
    Mar 14, 2013


    Bienvenue à la communauté globale des femmes sur World Pulse !

    Je suis honorée d'être en mesure de lire votre histoire.

    Votre foi dans le Christ et votre dédicace à votre collègues femmes sont très admirables.

    Je suis curieuse de savoir plus que l'Association des Femmes de Feu "The Fire Association" - comment avez-vous commencé cette association et comment pensez-vous que le nom ?