Here is the truth - I do not have a distinct vision in my life yet. I am still in the process of learning what interests me. At this point, I am really in dilemma to set up goals for my life regarding my growing and developing thoughts and ideas. I want to clear this instability sooner so that I would be heading towards a particular goal. I do hope that Voices of Our Future could help me come out from this dilemma.

After coming to Bangladesh, I have become a part of a multi-cultural University. I am exposed to new environments, different cultures, new people from different countries, and many intellectuals. This has helped me learn and discover myself. However, I am still in the process of understanding myself. Even though these changes have created conflicts of thoughts in my mind, I have started seeing things from different perspectives. In addition, I am learning the diversity of cultures, people’s characters and thoughts; and I have been developing seeing things in broader sense. I really enjoy learning these wonderful progeny of this globe, and I am yearning to learn more about them.

Nevertheless, the twenty years of my life experiences has created a desire in me to involve and work for the women upliftment. The minute incidents or the experiences which I and my friends had faced as women are deeply embedded in my heart and mind. Here, I want to share one of the bitter experiences. I used to go to school in the local bus with my friends. The bus would usually be very crowded. And there would not be a single day when one of us would not be touched in different parts of the body by some men; we would be sexually violated there. It is very annoying and surprising that some men find pleasure even in the body of twelve-thirteen years old children. I remember, one day one of my friends (she was thirteen years old then) could not resist the violence; she was grabbed by one stranger, and she was so scared that she asked us to get down from the bus. After that, she cried out loud with us. She should have scolded that man because we were there, and we could have helped her. But she told that it would be a shame for her, and would put her in danger. This is true, in a sense, in the conservative community like mine. Now I knew that we can also speak out! And remembering those small incidents makes me rebellious; and I hope that other women also know that we can speak and claim our rights.

Wondering sometimes what life is all about, I think what else can make it worthy than making good relations with people around, helping other people and live happily giving happiness to others. I want to build my career in the medical field. In doing so, I could help my community. This is really challenging, and it requires really a big effort. But I am ready to challenge myself if the time challenges me.

I am currently studying in Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. I am here basically to be a leader, which is the motive of this University. For this reason, Voices of Our Future is a relevant and unique opportunity for me to help with my vision of being a leader. I want to be empowered, be strong and want to come out of extreme emotional state. Also, as mentioned in the previous assignment, I want to see the number of women increasing in decision making. I do not believe that women are superior to men, nor do I believe that men are superior to women. What I want is the gender equity, and I want to contribute to the upliftment of women status, starting from empowering myself.

Voices of Our Future will be my spectacle which will clear my blurred life-vision. I am very hopeful that being a correspondent will help to settle my puzzling mind, and give a definite shape to my vision. I do believe that this opportunity will strengthen my ability, assist and prepare me to be a good leader.

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You make a wonderful point that reaching out to help others has the added benefit of helping us learn and grow. I know I was inspired by your story and I am sure others will be as well.


telling stories; creating communities


Isn't it interesting how sometimes a hard experience, as you and your friends endured on the local bus, can grow and fester in your heart and soul until it starts to pull at you for a response? It helps define who you are, what you believe, what you want to to stand up for. This is a hard way to learn, but so many women learn this very way and as a result are very determined to make change!

Good for you for thinking deeply about things and how you want to move along in the world. I like that you say your vision is broadening and you are starting to see things from many perspectives. This is the root of compassion.

Go forward with strength.


Thanks Frances for your wonderful response! It is indeed fascinating that experiences - good or bad - teach us in many ways. When we face a problem, we tend to find the solution. I remember one quote "Necessity is the mother of invention and discovery." The incident in the bus resulted in the desire in me and my friends (women) to be strong.

Regards, Deepti