Olanike Olugboji from Nigeria wants a just and safe environment for all. She founded in 2008 the Women's Initiative for a Sustainable Environment, also known as WISE. The mission of WISE is "to promote constructive environmental ideals, culture and practices by empowering women, especially grassroots women, to become environmental stewards."

"The Women's Initiative for Sustainable Environment’s approach to the issue of environmental sustainability is an integrated one, as WISE engages in environmental projects and programs in the areas of environmental governance and awareness creation, water sanitation and hygiene, municipal waste management, tree planting, women’s rights and empowerment, and tourism. We have benefitted from both long term and short term partnerships with both local and international organizations by way of participation in capacity building programs, project planning, development and implementation, and technical and funding support."

Olanike Olugboji is the founder of WISE. She has worked for years to mobilize disadvantaged women in Kaduna State, Nigeria to address a number of environmentally destructive cultural practices in water supply, energy services, urban transport, education and waste management issues. She is a Voices of Our Future Correspondent for World Pulse.

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Delphine, Cet initiative des femmes pour l'approche durable de l'environnement, vraiment les femmes doivent s'élever et la vulgarisation des informations approprié, sensibilisation de l'assainisssement de l'eau et l'hygiène, la gestion des déchets municipaux, peut être ces déchets produirons d'impact, si on le transfome en produit fini. La plantation d'arbres pour donner l'oxygène à la population et avoir un environnement saine et faire la formation pour les renfrocements des capacités aux femmes pour qu'elles soient des intendants de l'environnement.