Three weeks after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hits the Philippines, we talked with Malaya Pinas about the damages it caused and the rebuilding efforts in her community.

Malaya is an activist engaged in environmental advocacy and dedicated to the rights of underprivileged women and children in the Philippines. In the Spring of 2013, she ran for Congress in the Philippines as the only woman on the opposition platform. She wrote about the Typhoon on - Typhoon Yolanda: Beyond Imagination: - Leyte, Philippines: Tales of Woes and Heroism:

Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was an exceptionally powerful tropical cyclone that devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, on November 7th and 8th. It is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 5,598 people in the Philippines alone. Haiyan is also the strongest storm recorded at landfall.

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