I want to tell you I love you, I want to let you know how much I care about you and how much you mean to me in so many words. But I am tongue-tied and it is difficult to express because in our Somali culture we express feelings with our actions and with our poems but I am not much of a poet so I lean towards the actions. I show you how much I respect you in the way that I talk to you, I would never raise my voice when talking to you, and although I debate you in some matters but I would instantly keep quiet when I know it reached a point where it is beginning to annoy you. I show you how much I care about you in the way I treat you. I would run to get you water for ablution whenever I see you heading towards the washroom. I would not allow you to do any house chores and I would jump off the bed when I see you getting up in the early morning, but I also know when you insist on making the morning tea and you jokingly remind me that you are neither a child nor a very old lady, I should step back and let you do it because your wish is literally my command and because I would never willingly make you upset. Although I didn’t tell you in so many words, but you sense my deep love because I am having a hard time accepting the fact that in a very few months I will be moving to my husband’s place. I am surely devastated that you are not going to live with me because our culture and norms keep you from living with your daughter but I know I should respect your wishes. You promise to visit me and I hold on to that promise. I am who I am today because of you. You have sacrificed a lot in life to raise and take care of 7 children on your own. I know how much difficult it was for you to lose our dad, and I know you loved him so much because of the way you talk about him. This is my way of showing you love and respect. For the way you raised me, for the way you educated me, and for the way you disciplined me and shaped me to become the young woman I am today, I show you gratitude and respect. For the way you cared for me I try to care for you in return and I hope I am succeeding at this task. I am successful at my career and my personal life not because I am better than other young ladies in the community, but because you gave me the tools to succeed. I know you are already the example of a good mother among the community and all our neighbors attest to this fact. I remember many of our neighbors married off their daughters at the tender age of 15 to 18 and consequently the girls got divorced in a short period. I remember the story you told me one of these young divorcees. She was upset and sarcastically made a comment that resonated with her mother, and the woman rushed to our house to tell you what this girl has said. “Other people do not marry off their daughters to the highest bidder at a young age but they educate them and even spend money on them for quality education abroad” she cried. Our neighbor told you the girl was referring to you. You inspired many women in our community to educate their girls. I know my paternal aunts sent their daughters to school because of the way you explained to them the importance of education. I plan to give my daughters the love, discipline, and guidance that you have given me. I cherish you, love you, and have an utmost respect for you because I know in our culture love and respect goes hand in hand. Happy mother’s day and May the lord almighty bless your life.

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This is a touching tribute to a remarkable woman. It is clear how much you love and respect her, and I know how proud she must be of you. Will you share these words with her?

Scott Beck

Thank you for reading and commenting on my post Mr Beck. I actually sent the link to my sisters. They read and they loved it. One of my sisters was saying she was crying throughout the post because of the truth in it. But I am an awkward person when it comes to sharing my feelings and emotions lol and although i aint really a traditional person per Se, but i guess i chose to implement this one because it allows me to justify my awkwardness as culture. I plan to write it down on a piece of paper with my best handwriting and give it to her as a parting gift when I am leaving. I know she will appreciate it and keep it somewhere as she always does with my siblings art work and stuff. I overcome my shyness in public speaking because i can debate any topic anywhere, in self defense because i can stand up for myself in any situation, but I guess I am work on progress lol

Thank you for asking by the way, I debated myself before posting and kind of wanted to remove it after posting but i couldn't find the delete button anywhere lol was not really sure about sharing this piece.

Regards, Deqa

That's great Deqa. I'm glad they enjoyed it, and I'm glad you decided to keep this piece alive on the site! Sometimes it's easier for shy people to get started sharing things online, build that confidence and then take it offline. But, maybe you're in the reverse. :) Thanks for being so vocal here!

Scott Beck

Your post is so excited,my sister! a mother is a very important person in the world. No one could never support what a woman support every day. A woman is a special creature. I regret to lose my mother early.

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Mother is the most important person in the world for a child. I am sorry you lost your mother at a young age, may she rest in peace and god bless her soul. My dear I am sure you are a great mother and drawing on her knowledge and what she taught you to implement in your life as a mother with your children. Love Deqa

Expressing our feelings with our actions - is also what we see in our culture too.

I loved reading about your mother. She appears to be a very strong women respected by her neighbors and her daughter too. May more mothers get her strength and wisdom and may all daughters have the same level of respect of their mothers as you have for yours.

Best wishes for your married life.

Salaam Aminah