Introducing myself and my journal: CHILDHOOD

Natasha Dokovska
Posted September 8, 2010 from Macedonia

About Me: My name is Natasha Dokovska, I have been a journalist for 23 years, covering social issues and human rights in Macedonia. I have been an editor for international policy, an advocate for human rights as an NGO activist and publisher, and I have edited books related to peace journalism and other topics. Currently I'm the editor for the first internet alternative radio in Macedonia and is also the Executive Director of JCWE, Journalists for Children and Women's Rights and Protection of the Environment in Macedonia

My Passions: writing, travelling

My Vision for the Future: peace

My Areas of Expertise: peace, conflict resolution, human rights

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  • Olutosin
    Sep 08, 2010
    Sep 08, 2010

    Hello my dearest, welcome to Worldpulse, our online community, please feel free to post to your journal and share experiences from personal to global issues.

    There is the VOF annual program please do join before the 14th of September, it is an opportunity to be selected for a training and subsequent award too. Welcome dear sister.

  • Natasha Dokovska
    Sep 08, 2010
    Sep 08, 2010

    Thanks, I will try to support this online community by sending my texts... Natasa