Heroes. I assume the importance is the inspiration it entails, and not the person behind it.

I may fade, I may change, I may be defeated. And so can my Hero if I choose to have one. Heroes are, by definition, semi gods, possessors of a quality that separates them from the rest, are to be looked at as superior to us, for they have the moral excellence that we lack. For me nothing can be further from the truth.

I choose to believe in all people. That we all have the same potential for compassion, courage and self-sacrifice. And that we are forever humans, driven to excellence bound to mistake.

If before I have had heroes, at some point I have been in touch with their humanity, with their rough edges and overlookings. I have then felt disappointed and have mistakenly thought that the quality, action or truth I had admired was no longer valid and proper: "it was all a lie". The process upward had then gone still or worse. I think I know better now.

I believe in my right to make mistakes, if so I must believe in the right of even my so-hero to do the same. I wish not to look up in admiration but to look face-to-face in egality

Best Regards,