Hello friends and all those who write and read worldpulse. the solidarity is so obvious between people who have never met it is like an ocean that touches many shores. I would like to thank all of you for your thoughtful comments that have at times brought me to tears as I am visible to you in a way I was invisable to others.It brings a surpise gift to my life every time I hear from you and there is nothing in any store with any fancy wrapping that could do that for me. The comments give me strength, joy and heal what has happpend in ways I hope you will understand.The last comment today earlier was great and I would like to connect with the center in vancouver she mentioned. Please do give them my contact information as well. I did a public event in 1993 at Beacon hill park addressing the issue of violence and sexual assault. it was covered by TV, newpapers and radio. this is in victoria BC. I had 18 guest speakers or more that day. I have a DVD of that event and would be glad to mail copies to anyone who would like them.

Diane Dillon survior of sexual assault 1993 I used this event as a catalyst to overcome my own experience and help others I also attended sweat lodges with first nations friends and walked away a free woman after the healing ddenlighten@hotmail.com