The world we all live in is facing a major challenge , climate change. I live in a small town and women get together to help with this issue. We gather useful things and redistribute rather than see them disposed of as garbage we recycle and reuse and inform others to do the same. I go to local businesses and pick up items that might otherwise be thrown out and make use of them. We also encourage people to talk to leaders about these issues and ask that companies not use so much packaging on their products. We are trying to promote think green and live simple. We are trying to promote community gardens and programs that support a green community for the environment.




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Dear Dianne,

Keep up the good work. If people think and cat like you do, the world would certainly not be witnessing such unpredictablle and raid climate changes. I love to ride my cycle which I feel is good for health and there is no pollution involved. I encourage many of my studnets to not think of purchasing cars for luxury but think of the society and the environment. Every family has three to four cars when they all could travel in one. The petrol consumption and the pollution are only increasing with such unwanted luxuries. Thinking green and trying to live a simple life is what people should at least consider. Post any pictures of the gradens you set up. We could share it and inspire.