Dignity Regained and our mission

Tammy Cody
Posted February 28, 2010 from United States

I just wanted to introduce our store and talk a little bit about our purpose.

Dignity Regained brings attention to the Fair Trade movement and the positive effect that it has on the fight against human trafficking. We have an online store at www.dignityregained.com and briefly had a brick and mortar store in Morton, IL for 9 months before the pregnancy of my first child. While we continue with plans to open another brick and mortar store we continue to work in our community here in Central Illinois with Fair Trade House Parties and sales events at a local Fair Trade Coffee Shop.

We are passionate about economically empowering women so that they may be confident contributors to their community and stand against potential trafficking situations. We support the work of women abroad as well as locally. We are excited for what the future holds, and in the meantime will be faithful to this call from God to run our store with integrity.

Thanks! I look forward to joining in the discussions here at Pulse Wire!


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