Overview of Earthquake Haiti Relief Mission:

WATER: We will be taking in 4 water purification systems which I already have on hand. Each one is capable of sanitizing 500-2000 gallons of water per hour. As you may know, following earthquakes there are always inflows of sewage into drinking water systems (cracked pipes, etc.). As such those who survive the initial disaster start becoming sick 2-3 days into the rescue effort. I have used this same model of unit in many other countries/disasters with significant success and effectiveness. Each one can take care of an entire village or large relief camp. By incorporating it into our mobile medical clinics we have been able to treat numerous camps each day (a cup of cool water).

Medical: We will also have our telemedicine backpack and supplies. This is a virtual medical clinic in a bag. It is not only filled with numerous medical supplies but also a satellite uplink and various diagnostic equipment including EKG, Pulse oximeter, digital stethoscope and more. It also contains digital cameras and audio gear. So direct from the disaster, I can link back to doctors in Arizona, Minnesota and beyond. They can provide diagnostic reach-back and guidance for tougher medical issues. As you may no doubt guess, the medical surge capacity in the area is grossly overwhelmed. As such, tools like this have been a huge force multiplier in other disasters we have responded to, and will be well received again in Haiti. This is also the tool from which we can provide a live link back to your groups (if interested). I believe it to be a great way to offer your groups a ring side seat in a 3rd world disaster and – as a result – engage hearts and minds in a whole new and very effective way.

ADDITIONALLY: We are working to secure the support to move the telemedicine container clinic we developed (currently at our Arizona office) and that may also be deployed as soon as we secure shipping expense funding. I am then be willing to leave it there as an ongoing working clinic to meet the needs of the poor. It would also be a location which would have that live web-based connectivity that the backpack provides, but on a permanent basis (studies/testing/proof-of-concept). I will be endeavoring to work all of this through existing missions already in operation prior to the earthquake in an effort to extend the sustainability of the operation permanently.

Please feel free to call of email with any additional comments, questions or concerns. Thanks for your interest.

For the greater good, Randy

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Randy-- Thanks for sharing the specifics of what you will be doing in Haiti. Your message provides a little hope in the midst of at lot of messages of death, disaster and hopelessness. When will you be going to Haiti and do you know where you will be setting up your operation? I just read your profile as well as yesterday's message and am totally inspired by your experience and passion as well as the technology available. I wish you all the best and express much gratitude for the work you do. Sitting in Portland, Oregon, I will continue to write checks and explore other ways that I might be able to help. PEACE Phinnie

Thanks Phinnie! We need all the support we can get for this operation. Right now the truly frustrating aspect is the lack of logistical cooperation at the Port-au-Prince airport. As you know we are working to get our container clinic flown in. Still lots of bottlenecks. Nonetheless will try the overland route from Santo Domingo in DR and then overland if I do not get better response today. Will keep you posted. More to come. Thanks again for your support. For the greater good, Randy

Randy Roberson H.E.L.P. Mobile Medical Clinics/Telemedicine/Water Purification/Warning Systems P (928) 595-1127 F (928) 492-1027 www.disasterlogistics.org

Hi Randy,

I'm networking first responders with groups and orgs in Haiti that need service. You'll find latest at my new blog, www.haitivox.com.

I'm about to issue a report on Transitional Shelter... but also interested in hooking your guys and your water systems up with women's groups who need services outside Port-au-Prince. Email me offline?

merci and good job!


Anne-christine d'Adesky Director of Global Advocacy 3345 22nd street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Mobilizing Women and Girls to Fight HIV/AIDS

Thanks Anne, I just emailed you more details. I will add them here also just to share the word with all here. Randy

Anne-christine d'Adesky,

Just received your post on Pulsewire. Sounds like you’ve been busy. I would be happy to discuss assistance/collaboration regarding the needs in Haiti. I have just returned from my second mission in covering much of the time from week one.

During the first two week stint I based myself at the ruins of the hotel Montana where a friend of mine died (he had been in Haiti doing a solar power project for a hospital and was staying at the Montana when the quake hit). I provided solar powered satellite communications for the rescue teams, providing tactical and telemedicine services as well as PTSD services for teams overwhelmed with body recovery duties. Additionally we provided several site grants for food and assembled a total of four water purification projects that will service several thousand local residents.

On my second trip in I brought along a dozen doctors from the bay area. Together we performed mobile medical clinics in several tent camps and provided backup medical aid for two hospitals. In total we treated over 700 patients and saved the lives of several, including one baby who was brought to us only minutes from death. The sound of a screaming baby never sounded so good.

Currently back home doing the fund raising dance as I have completely depleted by coffers. I hope to find funding to move our container clinic (located here at my office in AZ) in ASAP as well as more satellite time and water purification systems.

All that said, I am open to helping in any way but will need additional funding sources to take the next steps. I am very troubled by the rains coming on in Haiti and greatly appreciate your focus on transitional housing. There is much we should talk about.

My schedule is open tomorrow morning. However tomorrow afternoon and Thursday are filled up. Friday is flexible. Please let me know what time works for you. My contact info is included below.

A couple media links on my recent missions: Television news links can be found on my home page at www.telehelp.org Local newspaper coverage http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2010/feb/19/saving_lives_one_disaster_...

For the greater good,

Randy Roberson

Humanitarian Emergency Logistics & Preparedness 906 N. Colcord Road Payson, AZ 85541 USA P +1 (928) 595-1127 F +1 (928) 492-1027 www.disasterlogistics.org

Randy Roberson H.E.L.P. Mobile Medical Clinics/Telemedicine/Water Purification/Warning Systems P (928) 595-1127 F (928) 492-1027 www.disasterlogistics.org