why victim is treated as accused?“Fix the problem, not the blame.”

Posted May 31, 2010 from India

In one of the site the views ,suggestions and comments of people really boosted  me for my article and I did not feel left out  but when Ur with your kids it makes many things weak then nothing works isn't it things have been 2tuff for me now I HAVE A QUESTION >>>the behaviour, the abusive language ,mental trauma,2much of stress ,my health, our future ,my job , the torture and harassment, my time,  insulting me making me  uncovered  in the courtyard in public and my daughter by accused Representative and most important my respect in the society it is not less then a rape. The pain I  am going through cant express in words  and I am treated as if I am a criminal or the crime is done by me they can speak 100of lies for me no matter he is behind the bar but he must not be facing all this he and his family is just aware that revealing my past can help them which has nothing to do with them and he will get bail that's what they all know peep inside the entire family and there reputation in there area because I know them so well by now the guy wasn't a saint search out his history everything will be clear. I am going through so much of pain just because they are senior citizen and parents and dropping there two tears things goes in there favour 100of lies  spoken by them related to me goes in there favour and small  lie which is not related to them said by me goes against me .So wants to know when  the case will be in my favour which I am so sure  when everything will be cleared and proved that the guy really destroyed my life and for 3years he and his family cheated me and mislead me and used me just for there needs and  guy raped me for years THE GUY WILL BE SENT IN JAIL AS HE WILL BE PUNISHED for his crime isn't it? BUT>> THE ABOVE MENTIONED WORDS  what all I am facing WHO IS GONNA BE PUNISHED FOR THE 2ND CRIME who is going to give back all those things what i have lost during the case. The entire family had made me suffer for 3years and wasted my time ,how about the time which is making me suffer double the amount from the day one of my case who do i blame ? The case was to prove about the guy and my relationship so what all is getting proved when I wasn't with him so that's a waste of time.  why  guy past is not revealed,  in relationship with me and promising me for marriage in between that period there was a case registered against him that was also by females and the story he gave me was they were slut and just for money they got FIR registered, all the women  in our society seems to be slut  for him and his family. I am shocked the guy who wanted me to be his better half and the parent who wanted me to be there daughter- in- law and today I am tiled as prostitute by them.


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