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Posted March 9, 2009 from United States

About Me: I am an undergraduate student who is struggling to define her path and purpose in life. Currently, I'm declared as a sociology major, but I have branching interests in studies of philosophy, English, politics, environmental science, and Chinese. My worldview tends to align more with Eastern philosophy, although I stopped identifying with specific traditions out of fear of cultural appropriation. While most things in this world are fleeting, I believe in the permanence of love and compassion. Ending racism, sexism, homophobia, cisgenderism, ableism, ageism, classism, fatophobia, and just about all other forms of discrimination is deeply important to me. I believe in an interconnected nature of reality, and so I believe in an interconnected nature of oppression. I also believe in "teaspoons," (see, the idea that microactivism is just as important as macroactivism, and even the smallest act or voice of progressive movement can influence great positive change in the world.

That being said, I'm still guilty of being a middle-class American white woman, and I am still trying to understand all the ways I am unfairly privileged. It is my goal to untangle my identity so that I can better help others who have not been treated so kindly by this world. Labels (like feminist) are important to me at the moment, but I am interested in postmodern theories in which identity is more fluid.

My material goals are to: a) graduate from undergraduate school with some credentials (though I will never be the valedictorian star I was in high school), b) enjoy my trip to China this April instead of agonizing over having a roommate for 4 weeks, c) publish a novel, fiction or otherwise, d) probably pursue graduate education, maybe even a PhD, e) earn enough for financial stability, f) build loving, long lasting relationships with strong-hearted women and men.

My Passions: feminism and women's issues, Asian studies, writing and creative fiction, blogging, microactivism, studies of intersectionality, languages, the environment, reading

My Challenges: learning another language, perfectig my skills as a student, thinker, and writer, socializing with people on a daily basis (ha!), being the best person I can be

My Vision for the Future: A harmonious world in which we all have a right to live, listen, and be heard

My Areas of Expertise: I'm still learning and always will be.

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