beaded accessories
beaded accessories: fashion statements made from sand beads
  • everything hand crafted from beads
  • beaded accessories

becoming entrepreneurs from our immediate community, by teaching young girls and women how to be creative with beads, making hair facinators, ribbons broaches e.t.c

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empowering the girl child


Hi Dolapo. Welcome to the World Pulse community:-) That's great that you are teaching girls and women to become entrepreneurs. I'm looking forward to hear more about what you do. Do you have a website or FB page with you products?

Hello Sis Dolapo

I agree with you that we should encourage girls to do things with their hands. It was unclear whether you already teach girls or you want to teach them. Either way, go for it!


Peace & Joy / Paix & Joie

Your WP Sister Jessica

Founder/Fondatrice, Women & Africa International

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