Ms. Chambers is a dynamic leader and charismatic speaker that motivates, excites, and inspires many. Through the power of her story, her words of passion and conviction, her contagious laugh, and affectionate spirit, Ms. Chambers’ is a Messenger of Endless Possibilities.

Ms. Chambers is a seasoned professional that is committed to operating at the highest level of excellence. She has over 20 years of combined experience in business and leadership development, relationship marketing & sales training, and quality assurance.

After devoting 11 years to her career as a Quality Assurance Specialist in the nuclear industry, Ms. Chambers’ worst fears became a reality; a threat to everyone working in Corporate America – she was downsized. And her life crossed over into a newfound reality … where she found herself as one of society’s hidden homeless.

Desperate to turn her life around, Ms. Chambers launched her own business as an independent consultant in the telecommunications industry in 1994, specializing in marketing and business development. By 1996, Ms. Chambers made history as the first African-American Woman to reach the position of Regional Vice President. She has become a legend in the industry building an international organization of thousands of distributors that spans the globe; with millions of dollars in sales revenue. Ms. Chambers has become one of the most requested trainers and speakers in the industry.

Out of this success, Ms. Chambers officially launched into her current role as a success coach, international speaker & trainer, and personal & professional development consultant. Blessed to tell her story, Ms. Chambers now travels the world moving her audiences to laugher and tears as she translates her life’s lessons into a powerful message of Hope & Possibilities. Teaching that Success is not only possible; but Necessary!

In 2001, Ms. Chambers launched her Women’s Empowerment Conference “Embracing the Journey” empowering thousands of women throughout the country. She is also honored as a Keynote Speaker for many churches, schools, and organizations. She develops and facilitates marketing and sales training for several organizations and companies.

Ms. Chambers has been honored as a recipient of many awards; both for her business achievements and community activism, and was featured in Success Magazine in May 1999.

As a passionate philanthropist, Ms. Chambers founded The Coyaba House Foundation in 1998; dedicated to working with homeless families and children in the U.S. and Ghana. And in honor and memory of her best friend, Joyce “Ann” Hilliard, Ms. Chambers is devoted to raising awareness to Breast Cancer through Health & Wellness seminars and fundraisers.

In fulfilling her life’s purpose, Ms. Chambers is committed to empowering people with an inspiring message that Success is your Birthright, and you have the Power to Choose Your Greatness and Live Your Life’s Dream.

Her motto: “In order to be successful in anything you do in life, you must first “Dare to Dream & Expect to Win… Big!”

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