Being born in a country with inheritance of so much respect for elders , manners to be voided in every situation culture to be maintained ,and everything goes well is the concept for a girl always , yes this is the real me but is it good to be always precise with a particular feeling . Right, thats the story hey, this is just an example it is so very important for a woman to become empowered digitally we all know but let’s ask how far have we implemented the whole idea and why we are at a loss. It is still a believe only, ask me why as our brain is functioned only for a little of our day to day activities we do not want to understand the importance of being net striven active, as we are lacking the net education. It is the whole above idea of two forms of group that i have divided to be quoted the women of my organisation so to make my work run smoothly,one deals with the innocent yet to discover the online empowerment advantages and the other group to stop the overadvantages of being digital . Truly speaking i had also started offline my profession,now as a consultant ,yes this offline management is very essential before you even start online. Well to organise any group you need papers ,your voice and and manpower management when the entire above goes well and you succeed, and then you need the online empowerment to engage groups, keep a relation, add up new society etc. The main job now for every woman is to become conscious, about digitalisation but if they lack the resources why not get up and help each other ,find innovate and prove yourself, for you are here to change the world forever. This whole idea of being advanced is very important ,but it is your duty to check on the forbidden,hidden lacunae to find out. Let it have a great impact in serving the country,and its people. In taking up the above challenge let all women of the world join hands and show their endeavour in helping the women of the nation to show the right path.

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Dear Dr Anupama, I agree with you sister, while we are working on empowering women digitally, we should also look at helping women by educating the ones who fell they are not capable to handle the technology just yet. Well-done for the work you are doing.

Nabiye Tal, Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.@nabiye, @ievawc

U have indeed a great thought that where we talk about the importance of digital knowledge ,there we need to put our efforts together to see that women are finding the ways to get the internet access.Why not Anupama,we can put a step forward to spread digital awareness and show every women a way to get acquainted with this important digital access. There is nothing impossible becoz..IMPOSSIBLE for me is I M possible.

Dr. Anupama,

This was so insightful in looking at both aspects of technology. As they say, "with great power comes great responsibility," and so it is true for technology as well. Some people may not be prepared to engage all that power.

Thank you for sharing this unique perspective.


Dear Dr Anupama

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I think you raise some really interesting points, that there are some women who have access to the internet and who are becoming digitally empowered, but that there are also some women who are yet to have access to the internet and the opportunities that this can afford women. I agree with you that the best way for women to become more digitally empowered is for women to work together, and I commend you for the work that you're doing. Sending you best wishes for your work!

Dear Dr Anupama, Thank you very much for your insightful, inspiring message. I think you raise an interesting point in that we could achieve even more in our fight to give women a digital voice if we work together and build bridges between those who are becoming digitally empowered and -as you described it- 'the innocent' who have yet to gain access to the internet to become digitally empowered.



Dr. Anupama,

Thank you for sharing! I found your thoughts very interesting and thought-provoking. I especially agree with you when you claimed that, "The main job now for every woman is to become conscious, about digitalisation but if they lack the resources why not get up and help each other?"

Ignorance is weakness, and digitalization helps us not only to battle ignorance, but also to connect with like-minded individuals...and stimulate women's empowerment even further.

What do you think is the biggest hindrance to the digitalization movement today?

Its very interesting to know that a single subject could lead to so many,intellectual thoughts, am very motivated,

but whatever the reasoning might be ,we humans are the main building stone to any situation we are today, so a little initiation,enthusiasm and a tact to take a movement is all we need, women of the world wake up throw up your ignorance and think ,we have a solution to very problem...cheer's keep the movement on...

Regards Dr Anupama Biswas

Dr Anupama Biswas