I recently had to pull my son out of the Ugandan school system because he was beginning to feel used and abused. On a daily basis, children are being physically abused despite laws being passed to prevent corporal punishment. Many teachers refuse to learn how to effectively manage a classroom. Children are shamed, and made to feel horrible, in what is suppose to be a conducive environment. My son was literally becoming depressed over the daily beatings and shaming episodes.

Most of the teachers only have to do at most two years of training, and range in age from 20 and up. They are very young and inexperienced. My only option outside of sending him to expensive international schools was to homeschool him over the internet. I am wondering if other parents are finding this a problem in other countries. What can be done to address this issue on a more global level. How can it be brough to the attention of children's rights groups?

Thanks for listening, would love to hear other stories.


The lack of resources and funding have left our children deprived of great education, even here in the U.S. My parents are both public school teachers, and through my mom's 35+ years of experience she says the worst thing you can do to a kid is humiliate them. Humiliating children stunts both their emotional and mental growth causing them to have lack of confidence, focus, and drive. I am so sorry your son has to deal with the neglect and abuse from his teachers.

Education does need to be addressed, as you beautifully expressed in your entry. Thus, we as an international community need to place much more importance on education, where we need to consider it a human right. Teachers need to be cherished and receive better wages, but with better wages they need to have more training instead of two years, which is what you are dealing with. Furthermore, there needs to be a stronger commitment from the parents to educate their children at home and to help out their child's school in any way possible. Thanks so much for your post, they are always fascinating and enlightening.

All the best for you and your son, Carri Pence

Yes, you are correct, students and teachers need to be valued more so they can both become more actualized. I am on a mission to improve it through teacher training. Lots of work needs to be done. Wish we had more help in getting it done.

I wish I could help. I understand that education needs to be empowered and I am so happy you are giving it the energy it needs to improve. If you need any encouragement I'll be there every step of the way. Furthermore, if you need any ideas or want to build a stronger community through that of education I'll be happy to work on that with you. With courage and hope, Carri Pence