I am living in Mbale and would like to start a mentorship program here. I have space at the Marcus Garvey Pan African Institute to utilize in training. Please contact me so we can connect. 0715576390. Look forward to hearing from you. Do you have resources for training, I am in the process of sourcing some now.

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Hi Edonna, I am excited to read your post. I am involved in a project of mentoring girls in Kenya and yes, we have resources for training, will give you a buzz. you can also email me.

Best wishes, Purity

I just left you a friend request and forgot to include my email address. I would love to connect with you and other women leaders in Uganda.

Genice Jacobs Oakland, California, USA 510-530-6687

Genice Jacobs Profluence

Dr. Edonna, you might be interested in connecting with new member, Dana Gold, who runs a mentoring program out of the U.S. The organization is called Infinite Family and more information can be gathered from their website listed below. I think she will be a great person to exchange ideas, visions and concerns with. Dana can be found at: http://www.worldpulsemagazine.com/user/2103 http://www.infinitefamily.org/

Best wishes with your program and please keep us posted on your progress. Janice PulseWire Community Director