Yesterday I was saddened and encouraged by the sight of a new mother and here one week old baby. It was obvious that the mother was still recovering from having given labor by the way she walked. I offered to help her because I could see that she was struggling. Imagine my sisters in the West who have given birth, riding a motorcycle after only one week of birth.

I assisted her up the hill where we both live, and realized she still had far to go carrying a baby and a bag. I asked here to get further transportation up the hill only to realize, she didn't have the money to pay for it. I'd already felt helpless to assist another human being, who laid only a 100 yards away stretched out on a mattress with the spirit having left his body to begin is ascension towards the inevitable decay, as it waited for the wife to come and claim here husband who'd decided to take his life. His body was beiing displayed for all the immediate community and drive bys to see, what happens when we lose hope and the strength to go on.

So, when I saw this mother, I felt it was my opportunity to assist someone who needed help before they lose hope. I was struck by the strength of this mother and all mothers who continue to endure despite the challenges. Seeing the contrast of the young man who'd given up hope and the mother struggling to hold on to hope, the hope of her child and the love she would impart to it. What is so ironic is the the young man took his life while his wife was at a women's group for economic development. She was seeking out help and hope beyond her husband, but wallowed in self pity and lost all hope.

And it struck me, how powerfilled we women truly are and become more so the encouragement of each other. It also made me realize how we need to spend more time nurturing new mothers and giving them hope and courage at a time when they are called on to give so much of themselves. Giving to others gives us the strength to keep going even in the face of challenges.

So, I challenge you my sisterfriends around the world to reach out to a new mother today, and any person who can use an encouraging word to keep going and know that a better day is coming. Transform challenging energy into positive energy and then the power of love begins to flow into infinity, do stop keeping on!!! Keep nurturing the world with love!

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Dr Edonna,

I love this story. I hope that everyone who reads it does at least one act of kindness and shares their experience here. It could be as simple as smiling at someone on the street and saying "hi." Maybe this story will inspire someone to go cook a meal at a shelter for woman. Or maybe this story will inspire us to call that friend who has been weighing on our minds, but we haven't picked up the phone yet to see how she is.

Everyone craves human connection and the ripple effect from just one act can be powerful. Thank you for the inspiration.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Oh, thank you for this post. It reminded me so much of a path I began on several years ago as a new mother myself. After having my first child, I was determined to help other mothers after gaining some strength because of the difficulty I found as a new mother. I have been trained in childbirth education, and also as a post-partum doula- a one-on-one help to new mothers. I realized that the passion is the advocacy and the empowerment of mothers. As 'developed' as we are in my home country, it is sad to see that the wisdom of birth, the power behind it and its transformative power are in most cases set aside, and most women I have worked with professionally are very fearful and ashamed of the birthing process, and miss out on the amazing power behind it. As you mentioned, the strength of women, I am just amazed at how women find a strength to just keep going. I don't even know at times where this comes from in myself, it is too deep to trace at times. I can imagine that by just walking with this woman and being with her, you helped her so much. Such a good reminder.

all the best to you, many blessings! Darcey

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." — John Lennon

Yes, you are so right on the amazing power of birth, to ursher in a new spirit or returning spirit to this planet, is an awesome responsibility and privelidge, which I have been able to participate in on three occasions. I felt pregnancy and birth were two of the most powerfilled moments in my life and pray I have the opportunity to participate again!!

Yes, but when a woman gives birth in sickness or poverty it is difficult for her to realize the spiritual power behind it. I was reminded of this the other day while running and coming across a new mother of a one year old child, sitting by the side of the road begging. She was HIV possitive and need money to get back to her home town. I was moved beyond compassion and wanted to do something sustainable for her especially have having read the post about the pregnant mother who was raped in India, I was determined to do something good for a mother after reading about her tragedy.

The mother on the side of the road also expressed she needed milk for her baby. I knew that if I gave her money she would run out and still need more. So, I wanted to buy her a pregnant goat to have milk for the baby and a kid to sell later for her food. However, I had to leave for a trip, but I found out about a program that does that and I will follow up.