Help me to journey to that magical place within and find the fountain of life, where all of life's mysteries unfold. Help me to find the joy within, that is unspeakable and full of glory. Give me a gracious dose of gratitude and improve my attitude.

Help me to trust in the inner-verse and all its wise livity.

Help me to find the voice of the Divine Mother within, as she conveys the secrets of life to me. For if new life has begun within, the I need to dive within to see, meet and hear this spirit that has chosen to journey with me. I need to feel the joy and blessing of you having chosen another soul to journey with me in this life.

Ashe, Ashe, Ashe. . . .

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your depth coupled with an eloquent turn of phrase pierce straight through. Who is this new mother? Is she figurative or living, breathing, curious?

Divine mother-you as a mother. With your connection to the divine spirit, I am imagining you giving support and care to many human lives right now.