I have wanted to share this story with you two weeks ago, but time, assignments and work got in the way. So, now before the details become pale, I want to share it with you.

It was after reading about the two week absence of our sister in India, who posted in her journal that about the two women that were raped and dis-embowed, that my incident occurred. That night after reading her story I wept, and prayer for the souls of those two women, I felt so much rage and anger towards the men who committed such savage acts against humanity. I vowed to so something to uplift their names and spirits through my actions, never knowing that my prayer would be answered the next morning.

I was jogging my usual route, when I spotted a woman sitting on the side of the road with a one-year old toddler in the cold morning air. The child was wrapped in her mother's jacket, next to her was her mother, looking very frail and weak. I commented to myself silently, if this woman is still on the side of road when I turn around to jog the other way, I am going to stop and see what her problem is. I did so only to discover that she was HIV positive, had been to the hospital turned out without medication, with hunger pains grappling at the stomachs of she and her baby. Others gather around to see why she was sitting on the cold ground with the baby, and we discovered she was 20 kilometers away from home with no money to reach there.

I gave her what I had in my pouch, only two hundred shillings, which I discover was inadequate to return her to her family. In fact, it would cost her 5000 just to get home and then there was the problem of hunger for both she and her baby. I told her to wait for me to return with her transportation money, and I silently prayed for a speedy remedy to her problem. Shortly after that prayer, a young woman who'd been to visit me days before road past me on a motorcycle on her way to work at the bank. I called after her, told her the story of the woman and asked to borrow 10,000 schillings and give it to the woman sitting on the side of the road with the baby. She did so, but only weeks later did I hear her side of the story. When she handed the woman the money, the mother cried and thanked her gratefully for her assistance, and was never seen again.

While that was happening, I was looking to buy a pregnant goat to send home with her for the future feeding of her baby and a kid goat to sell once it was born for future food. However, I was unable to collect the goat because I was going out of town that very morning. But, I found that there is a program across from the hospital that does that very same thing. Then I remembered that the woman mentioned something about one thousand schillings and realized she wanted it to buy the goat for its milk to feed her baby, and that day, I felt not only that her spirit had been uplifted, but also the spirit of my sisters who were brutally murdered in India. Keep lifting the spirits of our sisters!!

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Dr. Edonna, just reading this lifted my spirits. You honour the community with your stories of hope and transformation. This one act touched four lives that day, but touches so many more lives today as we each read this and realize the power and potential of simple kindness and compassion.

Our spirits gather with yours as we each reach out and grab a hand of a sister in need. As Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi says "We will surely get to our destination if we all join hands".

Dr. Edonna,

A moving story revealing of your open, compassionate heart and mind. Thank you so much for sharing.

Love, Laura

Dr. Edonna,

I appreciate hearing of your generosity. It is very inspiring.

I understand that you are going to meet with Kasinja in the next few days to discuss the work of Uganda SPACE and possibilities for collaborating. I look forward to hearing about the outcome of that meeting. Let me know if I can assist in any way.

Best, Genice Jacobs Oakland, CA

Genice Jacobs Profluence

Thank you for sharing. Many times we all sit back or pass by and hope someone else will help but its a blessing that you took your time to help out another sister. May the Lord bless you.


Terry Shiundu