What does it mean for women to be given a global voice on the World? As I glaze upon the chronicles of history and see the Mothers of nations raising nations in the ancient of days gone by I weep. I weep because we no longer remember our story, I weep because we no longer remember our glory. We once were warriors, nation builders and the gene-spurs of humanity, especially those of us who rose from the dirt in Africa. But we have forgotten our story because it has been reinterpreted through the eyes of men. It is for that reason that I want to participate on the board of directors, to help direct the voices of women in the world to remember our glory and our greatness. I have been involved for over a century in raising the status of women. It has become the driving force of my spiritual and physical engine given to actualize the power of the Goddess and women on earth. From the first women’s study class I took over twenty five years, ago I knew that we as human beings were missing out on something special by not remembering our mothers, and I want to assist the world in remembering us, worshiping, and celebrating our contributions to humanity.

As a board of director’s member, I believe I bring something truly unique to the table and can make much in the way of intellectual, historical and spiritual contributions to this dynamic team of women you are putting together. One unique perspective I bring is the knowledge and power of women’s spirituality and the necessity of its contribution to our liberation both spiritually, communally and socially.

Why is this important? Because before women were enslaved physically they were first stripped of their spiritual powers which then allowed them to be physically enslaved. For some it was a voluntary effort for the preservation of their fellow sisters, and mothers; however for others, it was an act of spiritual warfare and many died for the cause of soul salvation. Much of women’s spiritual practices and traditions were swallowed up by male patriarchal religions, which went so far as to remove the Goddess head from the canon of religions.

It has been recorded by the Muslims that they make women veil to hide conceal their powers. However, as a spiritual ambassador, missionary for the Goddess head, I feel it is my duty to openly remove the veil of the Goddess no matter what corners of the earth they stand on so that we can reclaim our spiritual freedoms and traditions. As such I have begun the first seminary dedicated to this recover of women’s spiritual story. The seminary is called the Women’s Zoological Seminary that can be found at www.umayatearthangels.com. This is one of the many contributions I have made to the recovery of Womb-Power.

In the past I was a host of a radio show entitled ghettogoddess.womb power. I mention this because I have used various mediums for assisting in the restoration of women, including the creation of a Women’s Resource Center for Training and development at Axum University. Additionally, I was one of the co-founders of the African Women’s Conference on Tour that began in America. I love being a woman and all the greatness it brings with it; I hope that you will utilize my skills and talents to help increase the capacity of the board of directors. Thank you for the invitation, I am much honored.

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I am so happy to see the applications of the VOF team. Best of luck.


With best wishes, 

Nusrat Ara

WorldPulse Community Champion 

Environment Group 

I am glad that many vof fellows have applied for the application. All the best, you were so inspiring during the training.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

I love this!!! Dr. Edonna - I agree with so much of what you are saying and what you are working to restore. Perhaps one of the most impactful sentences I can think of would be comprised of your two words, "I weep". It is only when women come to understand what has been done to us, individually and collectively, at a deep level, that we can begin to rebuild and reclaim the spiritual power that is our birthright. Indeed, we weep... and our tears clense our wounds, washing away the harmful patriarchal realities that were once built around us. Our Womb-Power emerges, springs forth... prepares us to embrace the beauty that is us - all of us - and strengthens us to remember.... to keep remembering... so that we can breathe in and bring forth a brighter future. I weep for all women, for what we have endured, what we keep enduring, and for the beauty that somehow arises from our collective pain. We are wise warriers... we are healing mothers... we are beautiful goddesses... we are women. How truly remarkable is our journey.

Blessings to you, Wise Sister, Wise Mother. In celebration of all Womb Power!! -S

Dr Edonna, I was so happy when I read your post. So often, it seems that the thread that binds our hearts, mind and soul together has been broken or is precariously bare. We need to tap back into our inner spiritual beings, and learn to appreciate and liberate the Goddess in all of us. Nurturing that inner voice that guides our conscience and leads us towards building a just society is vital and I am so glad that you have awoken that voice in us.

I hope that you will share more about how we can tap into that self-awareness and restore our creative spirit. Best wishes, Janice

Dearest Dr Edonna,

It is always a treat to read your words and soak up your wisdom. I agree - that it is time for women to reclaim our spiritual leadership and live as Goddesses. We can no longer let men dictate the future of our earth, of our families and of ourselves. You bring the wisdom of spiritual empowerment to this community - and we look to you to help guide us through this urgent journey.

Love, Jade

Greetings My Dearest Sisterfriends; I was so surprised to read your responses to the post. I don't use that email address as often anymore, so I have not responded because I just realized you replied. I was so busy trying to meet the deadline. Wow!!! You have given me the best response to this new old spiritual work, that I have finally gotten the courage to speak out about.

You have been my biggest encouragement this past year and I am so happy to have you with me on this new journey!!! I love you and embrace all the Womb Power that has showed up to validate us as the Goddess (God Is) we are. Please visit the website and refer your sister-friends to participate in taking the courses to support the re-awakening of the Divine Goddess (God Is) at www.umayatearthangels.com. Thanks so much again for the love that you continue to share with me.